These 8 myths about dental care are harmful to our health

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Sugar — the main enemy of teeth

In fact, in the appearance of caries need to blame the "bad bacteria" that produce acid. While the rest of the carbohydrates on the teeth is food for these bacteria. Of course, sugar is also a carbohydrate, but because this category includes many other products, even "healthy" like fruit or cereal.

Pregnant women are not recommended to treat teeth

On the contrary, if in the mouth of a pregnant woman, there is inflammation, it is necessary to eliminate it promptly. The main fear in expectant mothers related to the fact that pain medication can affect the fetus. But you don't need to endure the pain in the dentist chair: modern research attest to the safety of local anesthetics.

However, in any case it is necessary to warn the dentist that you are pregnant, and call your life.

Baby teeth can not be treated

It often happens that the milk teeth have thinner enamel and, consequently, less protection from bacteria.

Neglected tooth decay in milk tooth can lead to a suppurative inflammation, which later can harm indigenous tooth.

It is good to clean the teeth, it is imperative to use a stiff brush

Actually you can use a soft brush. Some dentists even recommend to do so, not to hurt the gums and enamel. In General, the main thing — to follow the simple rules: brush your teeth 2 times daily and change the brush every 3-4 months.

If the teeth don't bother, there is no need to go to the dentist

Really should visit the dentist twice a year even if you do not bother. The doctor will conduct a routine inspection to ensure no new challenges and exacerbation of old and will do a professional dental cleaning.

The more often you brush your teeth, the healthier they will be

Too frequent teeth brushing can lead to abrasion of the enamel and diseases of the teeth due to the abrasive properties of toothpaste. Better between the 2 mandatory one-time cleansing to rinse the mouth with a special mouthwash.

Wisdom teeth need to remove

If the wisdom teeth fully erupted and healthy enough to remove it there is no need.

The teeth should be brushed after Breakfast

This opinion do exist among dentists. But still today most of them are inclined to think that it is advisable to brush teeth before eating.

The fact that during sleep the flow of saliva slows down, causing the night in your mouth accumulates a lot of bacteria and plaque. If we are not eating, brush your teeth, then all of this will go straight to our stomach.

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