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I do not think anyone fascinated admiring looks moray eels - despite the often beautiful color of her body, the exterior of this fish repellent. Predatory look small piercing eyes, unpleasant mouth with teeth, needles, snake-like body and inhospitable nature of moray eels did not have a friendly conversation.

Try to become better acquainted with this, in its own interesting and unique fish. Maybe our relationship to it, even a little, warmer.

Moray (Muraena) belong to the genus of fish from the family of acne (Muraenidae). In the seas of the world ocean is home to about 200 species of moray eels. Most of them prefer the warm waters of the tropical and subtropical zones. Frequent habitue of coral reefs and underwater rocks.

Quite common in the Red Sea, and live in the Mediterranean. In the Red Sea live snezhinkovaya moray, moray zebra, geometric moray eel, starry, belopyatnistaya and elegant moray. The largest of them - the starry moray, its average length is 180 cm.

Inhabiting the Mediterranean Sea Mediterranean moray reaches 1, 5 meters in length. It was her way was the prototype for the many legends and myths about these predatory fish with a rather unusual appearance. For permanent residence choose a cleft in the rock shelter in the reef rubble, in general - a place where you can safely hide large and did not secure the body. Dwells mainly in the bottom layer of the seas.

Appearance morays known to everyone. Long, serpentine body, completely naked and devoid of scales, covered with mucus, which in some species is poisonous. Mucus helps Muren arrow to jump out of hiding when hunting, significantly reducing water resistance. In addition, covered with a thick layer of mucus body easier to squeeze into tight holes and crevices that eels are used as shelters and homes. Poison contained in the skin mucus some moray eels, is protective function, protecting the body from various parasites and enemies. Touching the body such morays can cause a person to burn on the skin.

Body camouflage color corresponds to the surrounding landscape. Moray eels often painted in dark brown or grayish tone with spots forming on the body of the similarity of the marble pattern. There are also painted monochromatic, white, and even individuals. Since the mouth of a moray eels of considerable size, its inner surface is painted to match the body color, not to unmask moray eels when she opens her mouth widely. A mouth moray eels, almost always open. Pumping through the open mouth of a gill openings water, moray increases the access of oxygen to the body.

The head is small, giving even more vicious form of moray eels, round eyes. Eye are small gill openings, which usually has a dark spot. Front and rear nasal openings in moray eels are located on the upper side of the snout - the first pair is represented by a simple hole, the second is in some species is in the form of tubes, while others - leaves. If Muren "plug" the nostrils, it would not be able to find their prey. An interesting feature of moray eels - the lack of language. Their powerful jaws seated 23-28 sharp caniniform or shiloobraznymi teeth, curved back, which helps to keep the moray eels caught prey. Virtually all moray eels teeth are arranged in a single row, Exception - Atlantic green moray eel, which has an additional row of teeth located on the palatine bone.


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