The worst sea creatures

In the seas and oceans live the most unusual and alien beings on Earth. And some of them look very scary ...

Such a person can love a mother ... Fish-adder. The scientific name is derived from the Greek words Chaulios - open mouth and Odus - tooth. Fish viper Kosovo open mouth with teeth frightening long been acquired worldwide fame, despite the fact that its size does not exceed 35 cm. After the victim comes close to the mouth, jaws fish viper leans back that allows you to capture prey, greater than the thickness predator of 3 times. The teeth in the process of hunting play a major role, although they are not designed to kill prey, but serve to hold the predator on the victim's body.

Get ready ... Fish astrologer. Atlantic stargazer gets its name from the eye, located at the top and contiguous to each other, which constantly as it built up to the sky. Has poisonous spines on the pectoral fins behind the gill covers, pose a risk to bathers.

Fish flying mouse from group Anglerfish or monkfish. Live in subtropical and tropical seas, at the bottom, often at a depth of 100 m.

Ryra frog. Found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans to the muddy or sandy bottom, sometimes burying it for most of the eye. Some members of the family zhabovidnyh fish have poisonous spines and pose a risk to bathers.


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