Russian "Piranha" in the shadows "Mistral"

Salon in the Russian media is not particularly covered, as all eyes are on the "Mistral". Give - do not give? Personally, I do not understand the Russian domestic hype. It would be better left French "Mistral" itself. But it will not leave. Extend the time, and we do not understand vparyat what right the ship.
In the meantime, the noise around the "Mistral" in the shade was quite interesting Naval Show, which is held in even years at the exhibition center Le Bourget near Paris. "Rosoboronexport" and United Shipbuilding Corporation for the first time shown abroad surface ships and submarines, in no way inferior to Western counterparts. Moreover, a number of projects we lead.
In particular, Russia has been able to master the construction of high-speed patrol boats to the so called mechanized bottom.

Special spoilers allow the boat to race even as the waves on calm water. No pitching, no water hammer is not felt. According to the General Director and General Designer of marine CB "Almaz" where are these ships Alexander Shlyakhtenko, boat interceptor "Sobol" has a speed of 52 nodes, is not afraid of the waves and is equipped with powerful weapons. At high speed and excitement he is like a car on the highway. The range of his voyage of 700 miles, the autonomy of five days. Either in the West or in the East is nothing like that. It is gratifying that these boats are already in the Navy and Border Protection.
A corvette project 20382 "Tiger" recognized third in the ranking of the best corvettes of the XXI century. This breakthrough craft.

He has a powerful and balanced missile cannons, rather comfortable living conditions of the crew and excellent seaworthiness. Again, these corvettes primarily stood the Navy, and then began to be offered for export.
Was shown at the Salon layout of the new landing craft air cushion "Murena".

This "big fish" can carry 24 tons of payload: 1 tank or APC 3, or 130 Marines with full arms. Speed ​​- 55 knots, cruising range - 200 miles. These ships already ordered South Korea. Upgraded "Murena-M" was created specifically for the amphibious assault ship type "Mistral».
First shown warship project 22160.

Now these ships are built in Zelenodolsk. This project is unusual in everything. The ship has a so-called deep «V». This is a special underwater hull form that provides small ship excellent seaworthiness and stability even in heavy seas. For example, with a displacement of 1700 tons by ship seaworthy vessel complies with a displacement of 4200 tons. That is a small ship will be stable as a large frigate.
And this ship modular - the first in Russia. On it for the first time in our fleet, by the way, will be based multiple unmanned aerial vehicles. For them behind the conning tower, there are two closed hangar. This ship will carry the classic helicopter. He has a fairly powerful stationary weapons - 57 mm automatic cannon A-220M, rocket launchers, anti-sabotage DP-65 and two 14, 5 mm machine gun. At customer's request the vehicle can be quickly fitted with air defense missile system, which is available in a mobile container. As well as the two containers with missiles "Club-N" or "Uranus-E." Instead missile containers aft can be arranged landing craft for maritime special forces. Moreover, these boats a completely new project, such in our fleet has ever had. Unlike the classical modular spacecraft that his arms can change quickly - depending on the specific problems that arise before the fleet. There are basic weapons, but the most dangerous is placed, depending on the problem to be solved.
Were interesting and artillery systems that showed CRI "Petrel" from Nizhny Novgorod.

For example, a 100 mm artillery unit 190. A gun has two independent series of feeding shells - with high-explosive fragmentation warhead and flak. It can repel, suppose the pirate boat and immediately start shooting at air targets. In combat pack of 80 shells. So, they are fired per minute. All from a single cannon capable of simply falling apart enemy frigate or destroyer. In this case, due to a very efficient cooling system the trunk does not overheat. Now "Petrel" working on a new generation of guns for both the Navy and for the Russian Ground Forces.
The real sensation began submarines Petersburg CB "Malachite". There are only two, but they were always in the spotlight. This is not surprising. Not yet subsided passion around the Swedes futile search "Russian submarines" from their shores.
They even claimed that determined the type of submarine - "Piranha". Found nothing. But the French naval show they can be seen.
Boats-baby with a predatory name became part of the Baltic Fleet in the late eighties, and immediately became a headache naval forces of NATO. Alas, in the next decade they have written off, and then completely recycled. Perhaps under pressure from the West. However, the panic fear of them remained in NATO. So, now in the "Malachite" on a new technological level designed several types of "Piranha". They are specially designed for swimming, where finely. Maximally automated, very secretive and low noise.
The crew of the classic "Piranha" three people. The boat can carry two powerful torpedoes or six underwater saboteurs. Swedes somehow believe that these boats there are special purpose and tank tracks. Inflamed imagination forever frightened by Soviet military power Scandinavians paints a picture of "Piranha" quietly approach the Swedish coast, releasing tracks and crawl ashore, where ruthlessly crushed ground NATO troops and civilians carefree Scandinavians ...
And this is no joke. Representatives of Sweden seriously interested staff "Malachite": where the hidden tracks in the body of the submarine?
Another type of boats - "Piranha-T."

They, too, can carry 5 frogmen. And still can be full-fledged combat submarines. Boat with a displacement of 245 tons and a length of 30 meters operated by a crew of only five people. According to a leading designer Igor Karavaeva, 'Piranha-T "can control and one person - so high her level of automation.
Armament "Piranha-T" - two 533 mm torpedo tubes, which can be placed and cruise missiles. There are outboard torpedo launchers caliber 324 mm - there are six pieces. In addition, the submarine has eight minutes. In the world there are no analogues.
Alas, on the sea and the cabin was not without Ukrainian topics, although most once a maritime power at the show was not - there is nothing to boast about.
As it turns out, Kiev blocked the delivery of our country has made and fully paid gas turbine power plants for a number of warships. Including - built for foreign customers. This, of course, harder to fulfill contracts on time. But a way out. Gas turbine engines have a so-called emergency reserve. Will have to reactivate them. And more Russian nothing to do with Ukraine in the field of shipbuilding will not have. This was firmly stated the president of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov.
But recently addressed the issue of the transfer of Russian orders for the construction of large warships and civilian vessels in the shipyard Nikolaev. Fortunately for us, it did not happen. Otherwise, Russia would have suffered very significant losses in financial terms, and in the high-tech shipbuilding, which literally for nothing would have been given the wrong hands.
Now we are actively working to establish production lines ship GTE in Rybinsk. There's a very strong engine building company. In the anti-Russian frenzy Kiev not only deprived himself of a very promising orders in shipbuilding, but in fact he destroyed his own shipbuilding. No one, except Russia, Nikolayev shipyard in need were not. As anyone in the world do not need Ukrainian ship engine building.
The amazing thing.
In the West, which is so eager to Kiev, many industrial structures are now going to re-register their businesses in third countries, in order to preserve the possibility of cooperation with Russia, even under severe political sanctions. The authorities are looking at it with understanding.
In Ukraine, there were also businessmen who offered to re-register the companies working with our country in a matter of offshore zones. However, their alert service "BEZPEKA" said creative businesses: just try to continue working with Moscow, kill immediately.
Yes, indeed threatened with physical violence.
No such country in the world, which itself consumes less active. How to become a popular joke there: Not Yet Perished Ukraine, but the authorities in Kiev on this active.
Salon "Euronaval 2014" as a whole was less interesting than the same salon 2012. But there was also a positive difference: Russia is regaining the status of a full-fledged naval power with its own and a very high quality shipbuilding.




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