Piranhas (7 photos)

These beautiful-looking fish is actually very bloodthirsty creatures with big teeth.

Piranhas can reach lengths of 60 cm and a weight of up to one kilogram. Adult piranha - big fish, olive-silver with purple or red hue. At the edge of the caudal fin extends a clear black border. Young piranha silver coloration, sides with black spots, pelvic and anal fins are reddish.

The structure of the lower jaw and teeth piranha allows pull out of large pieces of meat production. Piranha teeth have the form of a triangle height of 4-5 mm, and arranged so that the teeth of the upper jaw includes exactly into the grooves between the teeth of the mandible. Jaws are two ways: at the closing of the jaws of the meat is cut like a razor sharp teeth, the displacement of closed jaws horizontally fish can bite off more dense tissue - core and even bones. Adult piranha can bite stick or a human finger.

"Gluttonous piranhas, which is called the river hyenas, surpasses all likelihood, they attack any animal that appears in their area, even fish exceeding their 10 times in size. ... Very often, the crocodile takes flight in front of a bunch of wild fish, and the inverted belly up. Rapacity of their income to the point that the fish do not even spare their wounded comrades. ... Piranha teeth are very sharp and strong: a stick of hard wood instantly breaks this fish even thick udilnye hooks can not resist the power of their teeth ».

© Alfred Bram, «Animal Life»

Shepherd the flock is distilled through a river, where there are piranhas have to give one of the animals. And while the predator victimized victim away from this place the whole herd is transported safely to the other side Wild animals were no less intelligent than men. To get a drink of water or to cross the river, where there are piranhas, they begin to attract the attention of predators noise or splashing water. And when a bunch of piranhas rush of noise, animals are moving along the shore to a safe place, where they drink quickly or cross the river.

Quarrelsome character piranhas often causes them to quarrel and attack each other. But some amateur aquarists, in spite of everything, run the risk of keeping these fish home.

Piranhas attack every living creature was within their reach: the large fish in the river are domestic and wild animals, man. Alligator - and he tries to get out of their way.

Ironically, piranhas - caring parents and stripped of all their homes.

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