A flock of dangerous fish eat a man in 2 minutes

Piranha, a family of fish. Over 50 species in fresh waters of South America. Stein, predatory fish. Has powerful jaws with sharp teeth, attack the fish and other animals, dangerous to humans. A flock of piranhas in a few minutes destroys an animal weighing about 50 kg. Some species contain aquariums.

Piranha (Serrasalmus nattereri)

Size up to 30 cm. It lives in the Amazon. Sex differences are mild, mostly in the form of the abdomen. Piranha, which is written a lot of terrible stories, now often include amateur aquariums. While taking care of the fish should be careful. On a couple of piranha aquarium needs a volume of 150 liters or more. In small quantities of fish are aggressive towards each other and other large fish. On the small fish piranha pays any attention, so it can be kept with them, but to see to it that piranhas were not hungry. But the best kept in a separate view of the spacious aquarium with plants and large areas of swimming, with a good water filtration. Piranhas feed meat, earthworms, dead fish, and bloodworms koretra. Catch fish need a net of metal mesh and be careful, because piranha jaw with sharp teeth. Fish is rather large, so the preferred plants with well-developed root system.


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