Goliath Tiger Fish

What hooked Jeremy Wade - is a big Goliath tiger fish from the order Perciformes. It is considered more dangerous piranhas, and thanks to its impressive size fish even attacking crocodiles.

Species that caught Wade, weighs 45 kg and almost 2 meters in length. "It's very, very dangerous fish. With it, you need to be careful, distracted, and she will bite off your finger, or something worse, "- said the man.

Goliath Tiger fish, predatory fish species weighing up to 154 pounds and up to 5 feet, was recently featured in the new program Animal Planet - «River monster." Widely known as a fierce-looking creature with sharp teeth, fish Goliath is only one example of a large variety of fish species that are found in the Congo River, and 80% of which are no longer found anywhere else in the world.

"Monster Fish" is able to swim in rough waters, and can easily grab the smaller fish that can not swim against the current. It is also able to capture low-frequency vibration, which radiates its production.

The Congo River is home to 686 species of fish. The article describing the wonders of the Congo, the World Wildlife Fund has documented the existence of exotic fish found in its waters. We ivory fish in the tail is electric organ that is used for navigation and communication with their own kind. National Geographic Magazine reports that this fish is also a long trunk to sift through sediment at the bottom of the river in search of food.


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