Scientists have identified the creature with the strongest bite

Fossil piranhas Megapiranha paranensis by virtue of his superior bite all currently known vertebrates, according to Science Now.
That is the conclusion scientists have come, having a new study in which they measured the bite force in modern relatives of these ancient megapirany. As it turned out, the largest of the study, black piranha Serrasalmus rhombeus, bite force was 320 newtons with a mass of 1, 1 kilogram.

The researchers then examined the skeletons of ancient and modern piranhas and simulated bite Megapiranha paranensis, whose strength was 1240-4749 newtons. According to scientists, it is enough that these extinct fish were able to keep the teeth in weight of 480 kilograms.

Scientists believe that such a bite force with serreytornoy "grinding" teeth allowed ancient fish easily split tortoise shells and scaly armor Som, who lived in the same ecosystem.

It is also noted that in absolute figures piranha bite Megapiranha paranensis about three times less power Tyrannosaurus bite, however, and the weight of an ancient reptile 100 times the weight of the fish.


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