Astronomers abolished in February 2040 apocalypse

According to experts from NASA, working with the telescope Gemini North (Hawaii), the probability of collision of an asteroid 2011 AG5 Earth in 2040 is very small and is approximately 1 to 625. According to astronomers, further observations may show that the probability of collision does not exist.

Recall, the asteroid 2011 AG5 - this 140-meter celestial body, which, studies show, is not suitable for our planet at a distance closer to 550,000 miles, and there is no fear of the apocalypse in 2040, as, in fact, end of the world in the past 2012 th.

Currently, the most dangerous astronomers believe the asteroid Apophis. According to preliminary data, he may encounter with our planet in 2036, however, most likely, this also does not happen.


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