Here it is, a single source of dozen diseases... the Reason I was stunned!

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system — the sad companion of many of us. Curved spine, pain in the joints, the bone in the foot... How much inconveniences these problems bring. Seemingly where did they come from? The reason is much deeper than many people think.

The editors of the"Site" shares a striking point of view to such common diseases and their causes, and strongly recommends not to neglect such a useful information.

Why hurt sustauskas — this is not a problem of the spine. The reason they are problems of the Foundation of the musculoskeletal system, namely, the bones of the pelvis. Because the Foundation must be sturdy and smooth. If your child has flat feet, so the bones of the pelvis he shifted. And this injury, it's pathology. If the child stands on tiptoes, no end be worn out shoes and, as they say, "curls on heels", you need immediate attention to the bones of the pelvis! Exercises and manual therapy is the best medicine.

And how can treat children suffering from scoliosis? Yes way! Wearing a corset for six months, aligned spine and removed. What about the bones of the pelvis... failure to fix the problem entails many tragic consequences. The girl with scoliosis child is born with a violation of cerebral circulation. And intervertebral discs simply wear out, and restore them extremely difficult.

All inflammatory joint diseases are diseases of the lymphatic system. Most inflammatory arthritis is the result of chlamydia, which affects the urinary system and joint tissues. Intestinal infection does not less affect the occurrence of arthritis. Suffering from joint pain, just try to remember, if not moved you to this intestinal disorder.

By the way, to determine the quality of the synovial fluid can nails! If the nails exfoliate, this is a direct indicator of a violation of mineral metabolism and separation of fractions of the synovial fluid. The reason for this can be, for example, chlamydia. To restore the mineral balance will help iodine, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and sulfur. And coral calcium is an irreplaceable tool for strong and healthy nails!

White spots on the nails indicate a violation of protein metabolism, i.e. protein molecules are not digested and are within the joint fluid. But the bumps on nails is one of the symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease.

Heredity plays an important role in the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The presence of blood particular HLA antigen.B27, which is inherited, increases the risk of the incidence of arthritis of infectious origin almost 40 times.

The human skull is formed of 23 bones (excluding the ear ossicles and teeth). All the problems associated with headaches, tinnitus, blurred vision and epistaxis — a consequence of pathology of the skull bones and cervical vertebrae.

Excess weight leads to dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system and entails a lot of unpleasant consequences. Every extra 500 grams accelerate the wear of the joints and contribute to the development of degenerative changes in them.

To take the example of the countries of the East. The Chinese, for example, is surprisingly direct. They at least suffer from scoliosis and degenerative changes in the joints. What's the matter? Competent exercises for the spine, proper diet (fresh produce, celery, sprouted grain wheat and soybeans served in the restaurants!) a positive attitude and do your job!

This definitely makes sense. Because of health problems musculoskeletal system can be avoided by knowing the factors and their causes.

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