11 correct answers to children's questions, which put adults in a dead end

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Sometimes children ask such questions, I don't know whether to laugh or blush. And the child, it is important to answer. Children don't want us to ignore them, lied to or laughed at their naivete.

The website publishes the correct answers on the insidious children's questions.

Be honest but without going into details.

"When people love each other, they hug and kiss. Dad says mom your cell. It connects with my mother, and in the belly of a child. It's small, like a fish, and swims inside the mommy. And then it grows, ceases to fit inside and is born". Older children can tell you about the sperm and the egg.

Book on the subject: Kateryna Janusz "How I was born"

Try to talk about it without embarrassment, because the child's interest in genitals is absolutely natural.

"These differences need to birth children. Boys have a penis and two testicles. Girls have a vagina and a uterus — a special bag for the child's future. Boy and girl grow up, meet and want to have kids. They connect like puzzle games or like the designer items. After that, the stomach appears child."

This question is asked by almost all children, when they develop affection for the opposite sex. Gently say "no".

"Each family has its own role. Your sister cannot be the father, the father — grandmother. But you can't become the husband of his mother. When you grow up and become an adult, mom will already be old. You will still be able to love her and care about her, but marrying a beautiful young girl. You will love each other, and you will have your own children".

The child subconsciously feels guilty for the quarrels of their parents. It is important that the boy understood that his guilt is not here.

"People quarrel because they do not always agree with each other's opinions. And the kids fighting, and adults sometimes, too. But we must make it up because we love each other. And each of us loves you."

Don't shush the child, if in a crowded place he will pay attention to eye-catching man, that creates intolerance.

"Everyone is different. There are tall, short, fat and thin. And sometimes, that person is sick and therefore looks different. In any case, it might be offensive. So no need to point the finger at someone different from others. Better to ask me about it when we're alone, not to offend anyone".

Brothers and sisters vie for the love of the parents. Do not put the child in example a brother or sister and say that you like her more because she "learns better".

"Yes, you are different, and our love may be manifest in different ways. But we love both of you equally much as you equally like mom and dad. You are both very dear to me".

Explain to your child that the treatment is necessary. It is not necessary to call him a coward and shame: "What are you, five?"

"The doctor does not want to hurt you, it's his job to fight the germs and sores. It will hurt a little, but it is not healthy. When I was sick, and I had the injections. I was scared, but I did. You can. Look, your Bunny is too ill, he needs a doctor. He's very frightened, let him show you why you should not fear the doctor".

Don't lie to the child about his invulnerability and immortality. He is able to accept the truth.

"People, animals and even the flowers have to die. It is a law of nature. You need so that all who are born, have enough space on the planet. And someday we will die. But it will not be soon. We will not, when we are old, like grandma, and you will become big as we are. You will have your children. Then they will grow tall, you're old and you're gone. But you will live a wonderful life full of adventure and discoveries."

Book on the subject: Pernilla Stalfelt "a Book about death"

Explain that your job is the law, which must be considered. Focus on the joy of the upcoming meeting.

"I don't want to break up with you, but it's necessary, and nothing is done about it. Work is very important. But in the evening we will meet and we will be very excited. Let's switch our stuff? Take my keychain, and I'll take your toy. And we are far away we will feel each other".

Don't be afraid to admit that you are not perfect. It is important that the child understand that not all the actions of the parents want to copy.

"Yes, I smoke and sometimes I sit late at the computer, but I don't want you repeating my mistakes. It's my bad habit that I'm going to get rid of. Because I want to be better."

Treat the child's fears seriously and together they figure out how to turn the terrible into good.

"Tell me about the monster. You know, these monsters are very afraid of magic spells. Let's think of this. Or here, look, it's not a plain old TV remote. See this secret button? When you click it, the monsters disappear. Let's put this panel next to your bed."

Rules answers to children's questions
  • The child does not need to know more than he asked. Keep it simple.
  • Do not be fooled. If you don't know the answer, just admit it kid. And look for the answer together. Such an approach will only strengthen your credibility, and that is a lie, on the contrary, destroy. When a child from someone learns the truth, you will have to explain to him why you lied.
  • Don't say down, instructive tone. Avoid ridicule, think of the child seriously. You want the kid to continue to come to you with their questions.
  • Look deeper. Sometimes the issue is irresponsible attempt to ask for help or hidden fear, try to understand what really is waiting for your little man.
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