Drenched in sweat

Such is the curse of the modern world we wear clothes, which don't even know. Many elements of the wardrobe there is a long way of development, going deep into the century, and few people think about how it was. Take s sweater. If you try to ask on the street, few people will tell you how he appeared and what was intended originally. Oddly enough, today such a common type of clothing can also tell a lot, and in his history was his great victory in the field of fashion.
Created for weight loss
Overall, the sweater was first widely spread in the countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia in the nineteenth century. The weather there was quite severe, advanced modern technology of heating of houses was not yet available, because the sweater was a good save from the cold. However, the first known range of use of sweaters has become, oddly enough, medicine. Preserved in the records of the physicians of that era, which was supposed to use a slimming sweater for men, dressing them at the time of exercise. We can not say that this technique is still alive. By the way, came from the name of this kind of clothing – from the word "sweat" — sweating. And who would have thought that the sweater will be a casual clothes that you can buy in any online store, for example here https://chia.ua/type/svitera .
Sweater work
Further development moved to the industrial steppe. The jerseys are especially relished by the sailors, who were doomed on ships and in port, seeing the icy sea wind. The jerseys are helped to escape from the cold. In addition, the neck was not allowed to wear when working scarves, which created their own problems – come undone, dropped, hung, tangled under the legs. Further, this clothes appreciated the movers, builders, researchers. With the development of aviation, the heating element of the wardrobe has found its application there. To the closed heat-insulated cockpit was far away, so many pilots used the jerseys. Even attempts to create special models with a thickened neck, because we all know that angina was almost an occupational disease of pilots of that era. However, such instances were very uncomfortable, bothered to turn his head, because the scarves still knitting on top of the neck, achieving a much better insulation.
Women's sweater
Promotion of jerseys among women occupies a separate page in the history. Still, it was the clothes of working men, but in 1930, Coco Chanel introduced the fashion show for the women's costume, which was attended by a sweater. So there is a breakthrough in the world of high fashion. However, the popularity of women's wear is almost not received, the advance was very weak. But the advent of television changed the situation. In the 1950-1960s sweater began to gain popularity. The main promoter was Marilyn Monroe who first introduced the fashion for tight sweaters, flattering a woman's figure. Further, the trend picked up by the Playboy Empire, which was very often to publish an erotic photo shoot of girls in sweaters. They have created a homely look, combined with outstanding forms that perfectly highlights the sweaters. In the end, in the English language has even a separate concept – "the sweater girl" refers to girls with large Breasts, which emphasizes tight sweater.
Promotion in the civil sector
In the USSR, the sweater enjoyed a separate popularity. Due to the deficit of things to create an individual image was very small, but the knitting machines were widespread. Because created knitted sweaters with individual drawings, colors. Especially their popularity was maintained at the backdrop of the spread sweater factory production, which were not very durable.
A large variety of textures that have their own names:
  • Jumper;
  • Jacket;
  • Pullover;
  • Turtleneck (not really a sweater, but often they are considered related due to the characteristic of the neck), and others.
Today they are much lost the position in relation to its original quality. The invention of the soft lung tissue reduced the popularity of traditional knitted sweaters. As a result, they have become much lighter, softer and nicer, but warming become worse. Appeared and alternatives – for example, hoodies wholesale.
Particularly affected durability – this fabric quickly lose their elasticity and wear out, break and bloom. The knitted options are much more expensive, but still inferior to the hand-knitted sweaters. These can be detected as souvenir gifts in the various countries where the jerseys and the manner of their decorations are the national traditional heritage. Widely known Iranian, Scottish, Indian sweaters. They have distinctive patterns and decorations, many of them are created by hand to maintain their quality for over 10 years.


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