We had such a dead flat, that I was ashamed to invite guests. But after the repair, to us at least take the tour!

The word "building" conjure up images smelling of mothballs my grandmother's apartment, which is reminiscent of a bygone era and is associated with poverty. Some do consider it shameful to live in this house! But they open in amazement mouths when they see a modern renovation and the interior of my old kopeck piece.

Design khrushevkies for repair
  1. The apartment is inherited from parents. It's been vacant for several years until we get there don't get it. This is a standard 2-room apartment on the 3rd floor. It has an area of 42 sq. m. the Creaking wooden floor with a thick layer of paint, rotten pipes and plumbing, Windows with cracks, and the walls were painted in a blue color... That looked like Khrushchev without repair.

  2. We have thought and planned out every detail: create a budget, made measurements, drew out a scheme of redevelopment, purchased the building materials. Decided to completely change our nest.

  3. We demolished all cleaned: partitions, walls. There remained only a storeroom and a bathroom. Also expanded the total space of the loggia.

  4. New renovation — new life. Got rid of all the junk, took out all the trash. Prepared room for construction and finishing works.

  5. Design ideas apartments , we drew on the Internet. Among the many variants we chose this one. Decided to combine kitchen with living room to expand the space and make it more functional.


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