I made the girl an offer... sitting on the toilet

Eighty three million four hundred twenty thousand five hundred fifty three

After three years of relationship I decided to make his beloved Oxana offer. Person I have not very romantic, these rose petals in the bathroom, candle-lit dinners and other tinsel — not for her, so I wondered how interesting all to beat. And then came to me the idea: why not make a suggestion in the family, especially because we were going to visit her parents?

In General, I bought a beautiful ring several times replayed in my head, like at a family dinner I'll get down on one knee in front of Oksana and ask her to marry me. The ring box I had hidden in a small drawer in the bathroom, in which Oksana almost does not look stuffed away behind rolls of toilet paper... I had hoped that the beloved will not come back in the drawer before we left, and then I slowly take out the box and take it with you to your parents. But, unfortunately, all went according to script...

Just before the departure to the visit, I looked in the toilet. And in the process I realized that toilet paper is nowhere to be found. Absolutely no hesitation, I called Oksana to bring me a new roll, forgetting that just the same for him and hid the box with the ring. Sitting, waiting... Suddenly I heard a loud thud, the bathroom door bursts open and I flew Oksana with tears in his eyes. Imagine the scene: I'm sitting on the "porcelain throne", and the favorite impulsively rushes to me and happily says: "Dear, Yes, I agree!".

Please no romance as ordered, yeah...

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