New rule for the lazy: not my my Cup in the future! And here's why...

It turns out this minor problem, as washing of cups, divided mankind into two halves. Some believe that a dirty Cup is a sign of carelessness and utter lack of sanitation. But others argue: dirty Cup — it is the norm! Shook the leaves or the thick and poured over. Beauty!

The editors of the"Site" decided to find out what is the secret of those cups still prefers not to wash.

Rules wash, Posadas recently, the rumor is not to wash the Cup is much more hygienicthan washing after each drunk a Cup of coffee or tea. After all, a sponge for washing dishes — one of the most dirty items, whether in the home or in the office kitchen. And if you incorrectly clean sponge issue is really getting an edge: to wash or not to wash?

If you have decided the Cup is not washed, then know that even in the purest of Cup has its own rules!

  1. This Cup cannot be shared. She is yours and only!
  2. The Cup can not wash, if you drink coffee or tea without sugar, milk or cream. Otherwise in 7 days you will get a small but its own colony of mold.

By following these rules, about the state of health can not survive. Even if you drink from a Cup during the illness, harmful organisms is certainly not going to impress you again.

But if you do not like the idea of drinking from a dirty Cup, here are some effective tips that will help keep your favorite utensils clean, and from stains of tea or coffee can easily get rid of.

  1. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water. Ready mix leave in a dirty Cup for 1 hour. Then just wash the Cup kitchen sponge. Easy!
  2. Lightly salted citrus fruit peels easily removes stubborn stains from your favorite mugs.
  3. Mix a bit of baking soda and salt and thoroughly clean the contaminated surface with a sponge. A very effective way to get rid of annoying spots.

Remember that drinking from unwashed cups, it's not a crime! So enjoy a hot drink from your favorite Cup without any feelings of guilt.

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