The healing properties of Apple cider vinegar


Products that we always have in the cabinets in the kitchen, have many useful properties. But we do not know about, and if that happens, run to the pharmacy for expensive medications. Is it worth it? Now let's talk about Apple cider vinegar.

To begin with, remember a simple recipe. 1 Cup warm water 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar. Mix everything and drink. Very simple. And very tasty.

But why and how to drink it? I tried this delicious drink during the cold periods, in the depths of November. In our provincial theatre in the fall were in no hurry to turn the heating on, and we, new actors began to squish noses, coughing, to roll up his throat with scarves. And what really is the reincarnation on the stage, when the nose breathing, in the throat of the needle, the temperature rises. And then our Director, who traveled around the country and knew a lot, told us this simple recipe. We started to drink the drink of vinegar and gradually, without medication, the cold passed.

It turned out the drink with Apple cider vinegar well raises the immune system. I saw it myself and nine year old son was given, who immediately appreciated the yummy. He is now 19 years old, he lives away from me, but still prepares their evening Cup "vinegar". During acute colds it soothes the throat, relieves white patches, warm bronchi. And it is better not to wait until the cold catches up to you, and to prevent per day 2-3 glasses make. I was very afraid that will not hurt you he's my kidney, after all the vinegar! It turned out that on the contrary, this drink cleans the kidneys from the sand and inflammation. And here he was only good.

Then I read that Apple cider vinegar is rich in minerals, so it strengthens the nails, hair and teeth. And it is so important in the age of the dirty environment and the enormous pace of life.
Apple cider vinegar has a long history of use. Externally it is used for inflammation of the sebaceous glands, fungal diseases, as well as excessive body odor, and dandruff and burns. Internally the use of vinegar is effective in headache, for purification of the arteries and improving blood circulation, burning fat, improving the upper respiratory tract.

Was born in our family a new tradition: in the morning I do a 1.5-litre bottle of drink, during the day with his son to drink like juice or tea. In two weeks I realized that I had ceased to swell up. And now in the summer I only in this way be saved from edema. You can be – in the morning in sandals feet fit, and the evening is not? And I have just been. And now I've forgotten the swelling. Apple cider vinegar helps. And I really love it: tasty, healthy, easy and cheap! But before so much money on the means to feet away no less than a thousand a month!

What else vinegar helps? Women, burn! Drink helps weight loss. The vinegar breaks down fats, therefore, his technique is very helpful for people prone to excess weight. Combined with exercise, this method gives very good results.

And here is how Apple cider vinegar can support your beauty. I cook for myself a tonic that cleanse the face in the evenings. Take 100 ml of mineral water, 1 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar, 3 drops of essential oil. I take the cedar oil, because my skin is oily. Mineral water, oil and vinegar poured into a plastic bottle with a screw cap. All carefully mix. Before each application of the lotion should shake the bottle and then wet a cotton pad. Then wipe the face. There is a feeling of freshness and lightness. All the nutrients of the vinegar penetrate the skin, make it supple and fresh.

One day I decided to use this lotion for wiping feet. Imagine the skin on the feet gradually became soft and clean without exfoliating. And no smell, especially in the summer! Most importantly – don't do the lotion for future use. Gas from evaporated mineral water along with essential oils, the effect is not so strong. 100 ml will spend, then make a new one, because the whole cooking process takes 3 minutes!

Now let's talk about the most important. How to choose the ingredients for a healing drink of vinegar for another use. Walk into any supermarket and look at the display. You will find a huge number of bottles labeled "Apple cider vinegar". Look carefully! If the liquid in a plastic bottle and is completely transparent, that is, most likely, a simple vinegar with Apple flavoring. Nothing to do with this product from this fluid no! Real Apple cider vinegar sold in a glass bottle of dark color that blocks out sunlight. And at the bottom of this bottle should be natural sediment, dark flakes. Here is a vinegar you can buy.

How to choose honey, I think you have your recipes. My grandfather was a beekeeper used honey fairs in indelible ink. If the pencil in honey and left a blue trail, so it's not honey, but sugar water. There are no such pencils, but has a reliable and proven suppliers. Suggest to find these once and never change. When preparing a drink, be sure to remember that the water should be warm, the honey retains its medicinal properties in the water with the temperature above 70 degrees. Best water 45-50 degrees. A cold drink should be drunk in small SIPS, to useful liquid slowly enveloped your throat, warming the bronchi.

And at the end of our conversation about the miraculous drink is for the brave tell how to prepare Apple cider vinegar. It's time consuming, but the effect will exceed your expectations! And if your garden has been grown a lot of apples, it's a very good way to preserve their useful properties.

Apples take any class in the amount of 5 kg. Grate them on a grater, add a little boiling water, 100 g yeast, 200 g rye bread and 1 kg of sugar. All this is placed in an enamel bowl (or glass, but not aluminum!), cover with cloth and set in a warm place. To mix all this mass, it is necessary 1 time in 3 days. After 10 days the solution is filtered, add 100 g of honey and 100 g of sugar for every litre of liquid. The solution was then poured into glass bottles and cover with gauze. After 4-6 weeks, the vinegar ceases to wander, so he is ready and it can be filtered and pour into clean glass bottles. An important moment for storage is the sealing of vinegar. The tube must be boiled. But if you want the vinegar to store for very long, then fill the tube with paraffin or wax. But even in this case it is better to keep it in the fridge. If the surface of the vinegar forms a wrinkled film, in any case not throw it! This acetic uterus, it is considered to be several times the healthier the vinegar! If you're hurting joints, or knock out a cold, or there is a profuse rash on the skin, eat one spoon of the uterus (do not be afraid of its unsightly appearance), and you will feel its powerful aid to your health.

His knowledge shared with us E. Suhareva.



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