From the pharmacy for pennies: super-cheap funds with a super-effect!

The price of beauty is high. So, at least, to convince us. The endless stream of advertising offers cosmetics, detergents, medicines — one more than another. To break the vicious commercial circle you can, you just have to know how.

Today's edition of "So easy" will introduce you to pharmacy cheap analogs of expensive cosmetic preparations. They are reliable, proven and disproportionate impact on your wallet will not have. I think cheap means bad? Let's debunk this myth.

Pharmacy remedies for pennies
  1. Hydrogen peroxide
    Known antiseptic will stand in good stead the skin. Dissolve the peroxide with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and use as a lotion for the face. Peroxide will make it less noticeable unwanted pigmentation, and reduce the risk of skin diseases.

    Peroxide will help to prolong the effect of the deodorant or even replace it. Perspiration peroxide is not affected in any way, but the odor you're insured.

  2. The real stuff
    Concoctions for cosmetic purposes was used by our grandmothers. She has a local abrasive effect on the skin. Removes wrinkles, scars, stretch marks on the skin. To prepare the mask of concoctions yourself, you will need only a few ingredients.

    • 1 tbsp. water
    • 2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide
    • 1 bag of concoctions

    Application Take a small bowl. Mix all the ingredients. The resulting mass apply on problem areas of the skin. Leave for 5 minutes, then wash away with plenty of water.

  3. Alcohol tincture of calendula
    Indispensable remedy for acne. Apply on the problem area with a cotton swab 3-4 times a day. Calendula tincture will stop the ripening process of the pimple and kill the bacteria causing the inflammation.

  4. Salicylic ointment
    A versatile component of many protivopravnykh and protivoavariynykh drugs. Almost a panacea with cosmetic skin problems. Acting salicylic ointment gently exfoliates well skin cells that are numb.

  5. Zinc ointment
    Anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic action. Part of many widely advertised products for problem skin and is, in contrast, penny.

  6. Epsom salt
    Known as "magnesia", in cosmetics Epsom salt is in powder form. Bath magnesia taken once a month people with problem skin on the back and chest, as well as those who are concerned about psoriasis.

  7. Cosmetic clay
    About the miraculous effect of clay did you hear for sure. Helps all the masks, baths, wraps. The clay is different: white, green, blue. Bear in mind the individual characteristics of the skin and will certainly try!

  8. Pasta "SULSENA"
    "Daughters" is an emulsion based selenium disulfide. Tool, proven over the years. If you have problems with hair, sulfur, part of the paste, will strengthen and seal the hair inside. The scalp will return to normal.

  9. "Romazulan"
    Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drug based on chamomile. Add it in shampoo, soap, shower gel, masks, and bath. Lotion on the basis of "Romazulan" will effectively take care of oily problem skin. And what flavor!

  10. Castor oil
    The ultimate tool for quick hair growth. Applied to eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp. It is best to leave the oil on overnight. Especially noticeable the effect will be on the eyelashes — the need to touch up will be gone in a month!

  11. Calcium chloride
    It can be used to conduct what is called a Hollywood peel facial. To do this, pour the contents of one ampoule on the palm, RUB and apply on cleansed face. Once dry, apply the tool again and so 3 times. Then liberally wash hands with plain soap and vigorously RUB face along the massage lines. The components of the soap will begin to bond with calcium chloride. The resulting thick mass, remove the top layer of dead skin cells and gently cleanse the face.


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