Fast and easy method to return the bra is white! Looks like only Windows!

Lingerie has a magical properties. You can even bag to pull but if it be stunning lace ensemble, you're still going to feel like a pretty girl in a million. In spring and summer, you probably prefer lighter clothes, and hence the linen pick up in most cases white. But there is one problem — it very quickly loses its attractive appearance, yellow or turn gray.

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White bras and panties is pretty hard to wash because the fabric does not tolerate hard bleach. Today edition «Site» will tell you what ingredients you need to add water to return the bra in dazzling white.

How to whiten bulgariaromania
  • 2 tbsp. salt
  • 1 tbsp of baking soda
  • 1 tbsp of washing powder

  1. Pour into a basin of warm water, but not hot. Add these ingredients and mix it well to dissolve.
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  2. Leave the bra to soak for 15 minutes — that is enough. If your underwear is in very good condition, leave it in water for 30 minutes, but no more. Then do the Laundry by hand, but not much and don't take three.
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  3. Rinse the bra in pure warm water. Remember: in any case, not sushi white underwear on the battery — it will have yellow spots.
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This washing method perfect not only for underwear but also for easy white blouses, t-shirts and shirts. Your things will remain dazzlingly white for very long. Can get acquainted with the entire process of washing in this video.

Tell us in the comments do you have any tricks for washing white clothes of delicate fabrics. And don't forget to share helpful advice with their friends in social networks!

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