A funny story about a very kind girl, ready to forgive all

I returned last night from a run on the street everywhere puddles. Ahead walking on the sidewalk ahead of me mother and daughter, and took slightly to the left, got a foot right in a puddle hidden by the grass. Okay, I have a long wet shoes, but beautiful shoes girls got. Was ashamed a little, stopped, and began to apologize to the girl:

— Forgive me, please I accidentally.

The girl smiled and said a sweet angelic voice:

— Nothing, you probably just didn't see the grass in the puddle.

— Well, you have no claims, young man. mom said angel, which to me looked angrily, but on hearing the answer of his daughter, changed the temper justice with mercy.

And then me and mom with daughter effusions drove at breakneck speed to the car. We were wet from head to toe.

— Okay, honey, I think we have plenty of that already. All the same not pereprodaet... — sadly said the young woman.

— No, mummy, this uncle also can be forgiven! — calmly replied the girl, and then the same angelic voice continued: — Only his feet to pull...

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