8 signs that it's time to leave

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Most of us begin to dream about staying in the first working day after the holiday. This is understandable, because the work is often associated with stress, which we subconsciously try to resist. There are some physical signs that you really need to relax.

We Site decided to tell you about the 8 most common.

1. Headache

Your body can ask about the rest from stress if you experience discomfort in the head. Excessive workload often results in moderate or intense pain in the head, neck or eyes.

In addition, the high level of stress may to exacerbate migraines.

2. Digestive problems

When our brain works at maximum for a long time, suffering digestive system. She falls into a kind of shock.

The most common result of such a process — irritable bowel syndrome associated with the irregularity and abdominal pain of different localization.

3. Frequent colds

Stress increasesheart rate what accelerates blood circulation. This factor, coupled with high blood pressure can adversely affect the immune system, resulting in we are starting sick more often.

4. Intermittent weight

Often severe stress leadsto rapid weight gain. Reason for this — the increased level of the hormone cortisol which makes the person eat anything and anyhow. Due to the increase in the diet simple carbohydrates excess weight soon makes itself felt.

5. Stomach pain

We have already mentioned the fact that the digestive system is affected because of the increased stress. Therefore stomach pain and nausea can also be a sign that you just time to relax.

6. Fatigue

You slouch, barely dragged his feet and constantly fighting with myself not to close my eyes and fall into a sweet dream? Then keep in mind that constant fatigue can also be the consequence of overloading.

7. Pain in the chest

Pain in the chest under stress often does not haveno relation to the heart and is purely neurological in nature. If you often feel the stabbing pain in my sternum to start, try to relax.

But do not forget that stress can lead to heart failure. Therefore, if there are suspicions on malfunction of the heart muscle, contact your doctor.

8. Reduced sexual activity

Stress the brain starts to produce much lesschemicals responsible for sexual attraction. Therefore, a person may lose any desire to make love.

If this issue touches you or your partner, know that a good holiday is able to return to their seats.

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