How environment is programming human

During the life of the person programmed environment, close and distant people, it appears a large number of templates, frames, constraints, programmes, imitations, opinions, ideas about how it should and should not be imposed a certain view of the World – all of this you can replace the word causality.

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Some of the layers, programs were once useful, but also worthwhile to remember that a stereotype, a generalization is a kind of crutch that the framework sometimes become close, that life is much more of any generalizations (always is some coarsening and cut off from consideration phenomena that do not fit within the scope of this template), which sometimes leads to the inadequacy of the stereotype, barriers, invisible barriers on the way.

So, as you work on your own worldview it is useful to identify and to destroy (transform) interfering with the stereotypes and ideas, it is possible to replace them with more flexible, adequate at the moment (but sooner or later, they most likely will require conversion).

 Key installation, changing that significantly changes the perception of the World:

"I am one. I'm always the same". In fact, during the day there is a constant change of different "I's", and many thoughts, emotions, desires and actions of many "I" contradict each other.

"The man decides and does what he wants". Much in human life, especially one who is not aware of itself, and what happens determines aggregor and other creatures, but man in this case unknowingly fulfills those or other programs, as a helpless robot.

"Other people like me. Same feel, perceive, think, and act. Interested and have similar values, aim to do the same".

Outwardly, it seems that people are divided, the consciousness of each person independently and autonomously. But if you look a little deeper, consciousness is the tip, below is the subconscious, the boundaries of which are blurred. The subconscious mind of the individual merges into the collective subconscious and is the gateway for reception and transmission of information in the overall system. The image shows the green veil of perception.

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Tabs inside the shroud is the perception of oneself and other people as independent single units of people-individuals. Outside the veil of the subconscious joins in the common system, all connected together, interact with each other on a subtle level, is a single entity.

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Like – mushrooms. It seems that they grow separately and independently on the surface rise here and there one, but underground, they are all United by a network of spider web – mycelium, and this network is included in the total forest system and interacts with it as a whole and with individual objects, such as insects or trees (krasnoholovets often grow under deciduous trees, forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots of trees – mycorrhiza), comes the design and colonization of space.

Effects via an unconscious levelThe person may feel that he has complete control over themselves, their lives and actions. All thoughts, desires, feelings, intentions belong to him and he controlled. In fact, many processes with humans, have an unconscious reason which is not registered by consciousness, and are just accepted as a program for execution, in this case because it was seen as "mine" or "I want". Here came an impulse, a desire, and the person begins to match with it to react, to do, something to think about without wondering where he came from and how appropriate and positive consequences of their actions.

An example of "Forced selling»Trader in the market strongly wished to sell the goods, the man caught the momentum and felt it as a burning desire to buy that product he needs. And after purchasing the house, people do not understand why it was done, "this!» buy. Here it is clear that the transaction was imposed that it was not personal. Sometimes go home the sellers of junk that unconsciously, at some time change the perception of the situation to the person (shifting the position of the assemblage point, hypnotize) argues, overload the minds of people and after a couple of minutes believe that there is nothing more profitable this purchase not. So all these people on the threshold is not allowed.

The effect can occur not only from other people but from the system, and changes in people take place unnoticed, even without any communication, sometimes a simple presence on the territory of the egregore or attention in his direction.

An example of "a visit to the parents»My husband went for a couple of minutes to my mom who doesn't like daughter-in-law. Overall, parent family system husband mistreats his beloved. Like, wouldn't talk, and her husband after a visit as a substitute, his mood has changed, the wife is perceived as a stranger, he begins to experience negative feelings towards his wife, there are some "good" reasons and offenses for which it is possible to criticize, everything is going in the direction of the conflict.

The situation may well result in a severe skirmish, where both sides do not understand each other and what is happening seem to be in isolated glass spheres, where not to shout. The fact that the husband came from the "Tender lover of his wife" and moved into the role of "Obedient and faithful son to your mom." From this state he nothing good to say about his wife can not, because in fact, it will stream information from its parent family system. To restore positive relations and understanding, the husband must return under the wing of the pair with his wife of the egregore and to hold, for example the role of "Loving and caring husband."

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Partners of each other "can't hear", since they are under the influence of different systems. System, each dictate of thought, behavior and the image of the other.

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Being under the wing of a pair egregor, people can include the role of whom they relate well and understand each other.

The impact can be not only situational, but is much broader, for example at the level of residence life scenarios someone from the family, accepting the feelings and thoughts of their ancestors, when a person, in fact, living someone else's life, suffering, does not understand the reasons for what is happening, what you can do (and often don't think about the fact that it is possible to change something. Cm. "Constellations according to Hellinger").

Unlike some fleeting influences, to perform certain actions, this kind of influence is much harder to notice because people live with it for many years, used to it, often perceives what is happening as a matter of course, hthe person is not visible to its true causes, there is no material, clear, tangible goals for influencing the object (as in the case of sale of goods). This is often observed in the constellation, one of the objectives of which was to remove the negative systemic effects to restore normal energy flow kind of love.

Example of a "Double transfer»The wife takes over the mother's aggression to the Pope and puts her relationship with her husband that this aggression will likely not deserve. In the end, the wife begins to quarrel, to be angry, which negatively affects the understanding and the climate of the family. As soon as the wife is in arrangement that sees and is aware of the aggression immediately goes, there is no impulse to continue negative behavior.

A joyful person can "infect" all their emotions, and, above dull company, becomes energetic, cheerful, lively talking. And it happens that after a conversation, even if there were no conflicts and it all happened within socially acceptable limits, a person feels like cesspit, vanished bright thoughts, left hand, appeared apathy and irritation. One man just gave his negative state to another. In most cases, it is not registered by the consciousness of both parties, "reason" has changed status, one easier and one harder.

Learning to track the changes, people will be able to more harmoniously interact with people, avoid bad meetings, to remove unwanted effects, and also more subtly to understand the causes of others ' behavior and help them come in good condition (e.g., when a person sees that aggressive behavior comes from external obsession, reciprocal aggression usually does not occur, replaced by sympathy and a desire to help).

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To разговора

During разговора

After conversationHow to quit obsessive-compulsive disorderSometimes a person finds something harmful, it begins to wind itself more and more to wind up (for example, based on a small violation of human rights, are very long and far-reaching conclusions. Sometimes you can then wonder how it has managed these conclusions to make and the entire chain of reasoning to build, how they are inadequate, although at the time of winding, it seemed that they are true), and not to commit follies, it is useful to get out of this state, to calm down, relieve tension and impulses to undesirable action to regain control over himself. This may be aggression, Intrusive inappropriate idea that requires implementation, or any thoughts that are constantly spinning and useless, energy-draining.

How to change the situation?

You can get up and imagine what Your state stands on the spot where You are in the form of the phantom, echoing the shape of the body, like a jumpsuit enveloped him. Then You slowly take a step back and at this point a clear idea of what come out of this enveloping condition.

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This phantom remains at the same place, and You're in a different position. The next task is to change the direction of thinking, to do something else, because some time probably will occur periodically pulses to succumb to undesirable thoughts. If you fall for them, then You will come back in an undesirable condition and gradually screw themselves again. Usually, after the release of "Romper" comes a significant simplification comes clarity and increased control.

Ninety two million four hundred sixty three thousand nine hundred fifty seven

Can be done differently.For example, You take a napkin and imagine how the energy of your unwanted role or thoughts pouring into this napkin, You pull yourself from the negative state and carry on the napkin. Then throw the tissue for some time, trying not to fall into its former state, not to succumb to the fading pulses.

What is happening? During exercise, the person shifts the position of the assemblage point, he rastorgaetsya with the previous condition becomes an observer.

State of control a person only when he is with them fully identified, stands out in position of observation, as their impact is much weaker. Similarly while You perceive the impulses from the egregore (and other influencing objects, such as thoughts or emotions of people) as their own, they can't defend and can't be controlled, but as soon asYou realize what is happening, then immediately there is a choice and comes more control. published 


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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