A clear sense of purpose is half the battle

Go to anyone and ask him — "What's your main goal in life?" You will be surprised, but many (very many) will find it difficult to answer. It's amazing. We are ready to run for a bus to save a few minutes, and what to do with life in General, do not want to know. But it is terrible more...

The horror that the people in the majority, in principle, never think WHY they live. Why? There is the routine — first to school, then to College, then to work and finally retire. Only here it's all for what?

Look at those who have achieved something in life. Do not have to remember the positive characters, the rule works in relation to anti-heroes. They all share one thing — everyone knew what she wants from life. And knew concretely and not abstractly (I want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, beautiful). A clear sense of purpose is half the battle.


But to decide which Path to choose for yourself — it's difficult, right? Much easier to buy chips and to include the series. But you need to make the very first step to decide to work on yourself. To stop "hanging out in the wind", like an autumn leaf and to take responsibility for your life. Our high-tech generation, unfortunately, is gradually losing the ability to control of our destinies. It's time to fix it, no? published

Author: Alex Novak, "the Book, which is not"

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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