Programmers at a construction site =)

Can you imagine what would happen if programmistam- designers sysadmin would have to build a normal house? It would be something ...

1.03. Hooray! Nam offered a big contract to build a 12-storey residential building. All stormy enthusiasm. They drank to celebrate two crates of beer.
 2.03. The customer does not like the expression "as soon as both at once." Requires name specific dates. Dark people, these customers know nothing about high technology.
 3.03. We discussed possible. They drank three crates of beer. Petrovic said that there is all the work for 4 months. So, actually - 8. As a result, 12 recorded in the contract, while earlier than 16 hardly administration.
 5.03. The signing of the contract.
 7.03. We continue to celebrate the signing of the contract on the money raised for the bottle Petrovich.
 1.04. Sidorov came and said it was time to start working. Whom he wants to chop her April Fool jokes?
 2.04. Petrovic also said that it is time to start working. They conspired, or what?
Enclosed playground fence and hanged beautiful posters "Construction is the company" Domostroy ". With a sense of accomplishment we play Quake.
 20.04. I came customer, interested in how things were going. They put his computer with Quake »om and allowed us all beat. He left very satisfied.
 21.04. To discuss the project. Sidorov proposes large-block architecture. Petrovic said that the blocks are bulky, poorly joined with each other, contain a lot of excess in general still do not know what they have there inside the crack.
 Declares that the building blocks of the only complete Leimer. Hastaivaet that everyone should be built in the old, brick, though it is much longer.
 22.04. They tried to solve the problem in a duel Quake. Between Petrovich Sidorov came draw. In the end, everyone will build on its plan and then try it all together, so as not collapsed.
 30.04. The first floor is ready! They show it to the customer. He wondered why in different rooms of different height ceilings, why throw out of the walls of bricks, and why there is an entrance in the house, and have to climb through the window.
They explained to him that this special limited demo version. We leave for the holidays, be proud of yourself. 17.07. Alex is building the attic and roof. Since the upper floors yet, have to build on the land. Then lift crane. At least Alex is hoping.
 16.09. Alex ran, possessed by the idea. It proposes to make all the windows in the building resizable. He says, the customer will be dragged. They told him not to show off.
 2.10. Petrovich got to the fifth floor. Proud of myself. We drew his attention to the fact that its wall is inclined at an angle of 40 degrees. He swore, shouted, Leimer and that we do not understand anything. Then he promised to think about.
 3.10. Came the customer. I asked why the wall is inclined at an angle of 40 degrees. They explained to him about the Coriolis force. He listened, then said that he, of course, in the construction business did not understand anything, but he's in the neighborhood of the exact same house, and there is a straight wall.
 Pancake. Then this idiot Alex blurted out at him about his changed window. The customer, of course, caught fire, and insist to do so. Double damn.
 4.10. Alex asked, whether it is necessary to disassemble for all its windows. He says that there is no - if and standard panels have such undocumented function. Naturally, the brick of the house is not the case. Petrovich opposed.
 5.10. Petrovic acknowledged that the wall is really a problem. He says it is wrong to put some bricks. But to understand what it is, you have to go through them all. Simply everything to demolish and build anew.
 6.10. Petrovic convince that build everything anew from bricks he did not have time. Showed his calculations on a calculator. Petrovich was cursing, shouting that the calculator came up with Leimer. Then he still agreed to build the panels and left with sorrow in booze.
 8.10. Broken brick part. Along the way, damaging the panel. The whole building creaks and wobbles alarmingly. Reinforced wooden props and went to play Quake.
 14.01. Hichego not remember. My head hurts. Guys, what year?
 2.02. Well, it seems, finally finish building the 12th floor. Tomorrow will fit on top of attic and roof that Alex built.
 3.02. Alex - Leimer. The roof of the regular stops. While backed by crane. We think what to do next.
 4.02. Alex proves that he is not guilty. Just 12 floors Sidorova 4 meters higher and 5 meters wider than 12 floors Petrovich. It turned out that they were built of different panels. But Alex still Leimer, since its roof does not fit any of the options. His elevator shaft, by the way, too.
 5.02. Lata strengthen and build the roof. Petrovich says he will stay, if the snow will not go.
 7.02. Snow went.
 10.02. Erecting a roof made of plywood, painted under the plate. Hopefully, the customer will not notice.
 15.02. Go finishing work. Somehow, somewhere disappear painters and plasterers. We arrange to have sent more.
 17.02. It was found that due to an error Sidorov door on floors two through six are opened only at the input.
As a result, these floors have accumulated plurality plasterers and decorators, who can not move back. Sidorov promised to fix everything. While painters and plasterers feed through the window.
 20.02. Alex finally completed the his changing window. Tested. It was found that when the window is resized it beat the glass. Furthermore, there is a number of side effects.
Haprimer in the living room of one apartment can enter the toilet and tub in another. Also sometimes doors disappear and balconies crumble.
 22.02. Balconies continue to crumble, although we changed the window is no longer touched. Apparently this is some sort of independent glitch. What to look for too late, so just ripped the remaining balconies from sin. Let's try to explain to the customer that this is done in order to optimize.
 25.02. Alex tried to finish their windows. As a result, half of them shrank to zero size and back are not deployed. I told him to show off no longer, and it will be even worse.
 27.02. They remembered that and forgot to make a staircase. Speculated whether the house will not collapse when cut through it now. Sidorov said that it is better not to risk it. P. Leimer called him and agreed. Not to forget to describe the documentation input through a window as a design feature.
 3.03. Hmm, well, we have built yesterday ... But in general, is not so scary. Well, what with the fact that some of the doors are in the floor or ceiling, or lead to the tenth floor directly on the street, in some of the apartments is basically impossible to get a bathroom in places combined with the kitchen in the side of the house there is no water in the other half - electricity, sewer breaks on the sixth floor and the stairs between the eighth and ninth had to make a rope?
The main thing - to hold the customer the right route. And yet - the time till tomorrow to hang in place the missing windows pictures zaokonnyh landscapes ...
 4.03. Yes! Yes! We did it! We note the surrender of the object. I drink a little, I still have time to leave before the collapse fuck the hell ...


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