On the dangers of smoking

Stop standing boy smokes.
Excellent dressed, well groomed, clean-shaven - apparently produces enough favorable impression.
 To him comes a girl 17 years with an unlit cigarette in his mouth:
 - Young man, you can not find a lighter?
 The guy pulled out his lighter and gives the girl. She presses the button ...
Flame flashed ten centimeters. The girl shrank back from the fire - but it was too late - bang burned. There were no screams.
 Ten seconds she was in full bounds, and then frantically started digging in her purse for a mirror.
I think that the young man with such a gallant appearance apologize - but not a muscle moved on his face ...
 And when she finally got a mirror and peeking at him, rolled her eyes, the guy said:
 - Oh, girl ... need to quit smoking.


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