Bowl for Shisha whether buttonholes?

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If you are familiar with a hookah, you should know that the material and workmanship of its elements greatly affects the quality of Smoking. Therefore, the choice even of a single structural element, based on the material of manufacture, must be done correctly.

Why bowl is one of the main elements?
Bowl – this is the element of the overall design, which primarily affects the taste of tobacco that feel man. Each material its own effect on the smoke generated during the combustion of tobacco. But there are options that do not affect taste and serve solely the capacity for combustion. For example, a clay Cup will not affect your sense of taste from Smoking tobacco hookah with any flavor. That's why clay is the best material for making this item the Smoking design.

Other options
The manufacturers to cheapen their products. Therefore the pans can be made of the following materials:
  • ordinary iron. The cheapest option of the manufacturer, since this product has a minimum lifespan, and in all senses degrades the pleasure of Smoking Shisha;
  • stainless steel. This is a more expensive option, but also no different quality of smoke, a reproducible;
  • silicone. Of course there are more you need to know about the quality of the silicone, but for the most cheaper version of hookah Smoking can be quite dangerous, as it can burn yourself.

How to choose?
In any decent shop seller you will immediately open a list of the materials of manufacture of all parts of the product you want to buy. If you buy a hookah in the "shop", which is not designed for sales of such products, be sure that not only bowl to have the worst material.

Take care of your pleasure of Smoking hookah. Only high-quality "tube" can make this process really high quality and will not spoil your mood.

Should I buy the bowl separately
Some expensive models of hookah, some elements may not be the best quality. If you are in this situation with the bowl, it is always possible to buy separately. instead of the current. It's worth noting that you will have to carefully choose the right bowl for your design, but in specialized stores you will be able to do it. Ask help from the sales assistant and he will do so that on arrival home you will be able to enjoy Smoking your hookah.

Don't underestimate the importance of choosing a quality bowl for hookah.


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