Where is the best place to buy Shisha?

Five million five hundred forty one thousand four hundred twenty eight

Smoke is not just a hookah shop, is the place where hookah Smoking is perceived as art. Every detail matters – from selecting the device to a selection of hoses, nozzles personal and designer bowls.

What you can find in the store?
We offer as a ready and fully equipped with hookahs and individual parts. Want to improve your old but favorite Smoking apparatus, or looking for new experiences?


Smoke allows you to choose different bowls, to experiment with the coals and trying out new TOBACCOS. And if we talk about hookahs, it is only the world's best known brands, but at affordable prices:

  • German steel giants AMY, who is remembered by many fans of the fragrant smoke on a series of AMY Deluxe.
  • Glass and stylish design, which pleases another German brand Kaya Shisha.
  • Dumok Hookah – not as well known as his opponents, but was enjoyed by many.

It's not the whole list of available brands at the store http://dumok.com.ua/ are the manufacturer, suitable for any requirements and wishes.


Good hookah should be laid out in detail, and therefore find the right parts and accessories is a must. The smoke has a wide range of flasks with intriguing designs and vibrant colors of handmade bowls from clay or silicone as well as tobacco for every taste.

In production are used only high quality materials. Mine is stainless steel corrosion resistant, glass flasks are highly durable, a bowl for Shisha is covered with a glaze, which does not emit any harmful and toxic substances under the influence of temperature.


Shop hookahs Smoke is a great choice, at least for three reasons:

  1. Only original products and proven brands that managed to prove positively in the market.
  2. Over 8 years of experience in the field of hookahs to every Your purchase was special.
  3. Maximum comfort for the client starting a nice price to operational delivery.

To purchase a hookah is not difficult both online and in the store, where You will find professional advice of the masters.


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