HUNDRED in Brovary - the best service for your car with quality guarantee

Forty four million fifteen thousand five hundred twenty seven

Entrust the maintenance of your car to real professionals. Please contact the service center with 20 years of experience. It has the most modern equipment. For masters of the AFS Service does not exist details:
  • experts will pay attention to the detected failure;
  • will help to prevent wear of the part that is "on the verge";
  • recommend the best care products for body and interior.

At the highest level will hold and computer diagnostics. If you are a happy owner of a foreign car brand Porsche, then contact when you need to do alignment, paint, Polish the body, to check or repair the engine. Wizard a HUNDRED in Brovary professionally install state of the art alarm system, and with the help of computer diagnostics will determine any issue.

Trust professionalenterprise on the left Bank of Kiev STO provides professional repair domestic cars, as well as engaged in maintenance of cars. Master with great experience to undertake the repair of any complexity. At their disposal:
  • equipped boxes;
  • special tools;
  • computer aided diagnosis.

Before repairing any vehicle undergoes a detailed technical inspection. This allows you to identify obvious damage, and detect hidden flaws. Customers who have been using the services AFS Service, know that their sedans, SUVs or crossovers are in the hands of professionals. And the cost of professional services is acceptable, what attracts many customers.

Reasons to choose a HUNDRED in Brovarone you live on the Left Bank of Kiev, within 10 minutes you can get to the service center and get professional help in any issue with the car. The working party aims to service cars. The list of services presented on the official website AFS Service. For regular customers we offer great discounts.
  • You will not impose unnecessary services.
  • For repair use only original parts.
  • Will provide a warranty for the performed work, as well as consumables.

In the service station has a pleasant atmosphere and the staff are attentive to each visitor. The terms of any order are specified in advance, which means you'll know exactly when you can pick up the repaired machine.

Specialization masters does not end with cars Porsche. If you own a BMW, drive a Land Rover or Mercedes, also refer to STO in Brovary. Here is a professional service of cars Toyota, Lexus. You will see high level of each expert and to get acquainted with a very pleasant rate. Most of the customers who first contacted AFS Service has already been moved into the category of regular customers.


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