Spiritual seminar for women only. The divine nature of women.

In this lecture, Satya Das says about the difference between men and women and about the divine nature of women.

Men and women are so different that the only thing that unites them is the involvement of the same species. It is said that woman comes to this world in the highest degree value. There are already developed all the qualities necessary for happiness. The man is born on the lowest level values. According to this, that a man to achieve something, he must do a lot of different things and overcome all sorts of difficulties.

How the brains of men and women? Woman is never anything not to think. She always worried about someone or something. The man can shut off your emotions, and not think about anything at all.

The nature of man to think that he had not received, he deserves it. He will indulge any aspirations of women to please him. It's his selfishness. Female selfishness is expressed in excessive service to whoever they want to oblige and make due.

Relationships should be based on female scenario, because the woman is perfect in nature and scenario of the development of its relations will be correct and will lead to the happiness of both people.

The woman of his divine nature needs to promote growth male.
If a woman lives to meet others, it is waiting for complete destruction.

Woman will be influenced by the environment that it builds around itself. It is therefore very important to distance themselves from the environment, which lowers her self-esteem.

The woman did not understand his divine nature, until you begin to communicate with God. She needs to learn some spiritual practices.

The biggest misconception women that if she was in a destructive environment, you just need to serve and the environment itself to change.

A woman should always cherish a good example and be afraid of communication, where she is regarded as an object of pleasure or as a useless object.

For women you need to give let me take care of without feeling obligated, and overcome his desire from completely attached to the man. In order to prevent this from happening a woman don't need to do three things: to live with a man, sleep with man, and feed him.
You will learn to speak, than she is not satisfied in the relationship.


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