The environment is affected. And changes us, whether we like it or not

The environment is affected. And changes us, whether we like it or not. Thing's not even that hard to live among the alcoholics to stay sober. Or, say, to follow a strict diet surrounded by gluttons. The thing is not that we will be together to say, how to live and what opinion to have on every issue, and we obey like stupid fools.

The environment changes us in a more subtle and profound level. Gradually and imperceptibly. There are, of course, people with high soprotivlyaemost environment. I'm one of them, know very well this subject and I can tell you this: to not be influenced by — not only social, but this deep, invisible — takes a shit-ton of forces.

It's — well, how to contain the whole body of the water pressure from the pipe, which you covered, and at the same time to bead. And not five minutes on display (with "show" as if there is no problem), but years.

Therefore, the environment is very important. And not even from the point of view of "love-appreciate-protect-torment-nanimayut-educate-support-scratch my back." All this, of course, important, but the (conditional) surface.

The thing is that we are gradually becoming.

The sooner the person will look around your inner circle and ask yourself the question: "do I Want to become?" — the smaller part of the life will be fucked, that's all.

A sincere "Yes" response indicates that the responding one of the happiest people in the world. In a past life he probably saved from the beeches hundred starving orphans, and now ascended alive to heaven. If you like this you don't want to — well, forewarned — forearmed". published


Author: Max Frei

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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