If you don't know where to watch the new series of Iron fist, then kinogo will help determine the choice

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If you don't know where to watch the new series of Iron fist, then kinogo will help determine the choice

The father of the protagonist even before direct meeting with his future wife found herself in unusual mystical city. There he spent a lot of years, but decided after returned to new York and become a successful businessman. It was a man and started a family.


After the happy birth of the son the whole family goes on an interesting journey in the most mysterious and mysterious city. But, alas, nothing could warn and protect the family from tragedy.
One day, along with his grown-up son Daniel and business partner the head of a successful and happy family embarks on a journey to Tibet to find the ancient city. But on fatal coincidence of fate, the main character — Daniel Rand, being a well-rounded child becomes a accidental witness to the sudden death of beloved parents, caused by the business, insidious partner of his father. The reason for such a heinous act is very simple: partner, back in America, plans to become the sole and full owner of the business that once he and his father Daniel were divided into two. But fate is gracious to the boy, and despite the situation he manages to survive, as local residents rescued the child.

And thus the boy found himself at the truth of the great masters of martial arts. Daniel is getting thanks to him, a disciplined and powerful fighter, but also the incredible mystical powers. After a mysterious initiation, it was called Iron Fist.

A strong young man, great to remember all the details of the horrific death of his parents. He never forgot your parents ' killer, because he was a very close friend of a once happy family. Time tucked the ill-fated trip was his unique chance for a speedy enrichment. After all, the parent business of a vile malefactor lay their greedy hands. But Daniel, no way, not interested in parents ' money – he wanted only justice. Life still punish a murderer by putting him in a wheelchair.

The main character and could not imagine how can be brutal criminal world of the city tremendously. Now he surely knows how to use his incredible strength. Ordinary residents of the metropolis will soon have a strong and true advocate. From the 1st season of "Iron fist" you can learn some serious trials Iron Fist with dangerous criminals.



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