14 improvisations of the actor's favorite films, which suddenly turned out to be masterpieces

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In the film involved hundreds, if not thousands of people, to fully control of which is practically impossible. Actors especially, whose improvisation or random hiccup only added to the picture of charm and originality.

Site нашел14 scenes, which all went according to script for the delight of the audience and Directors. After all, these chips make the movie recognizable and... loved.

True lies (1994)

During an awkward, but unexpectedly sexy scene Striptease Jamie Lee Curtis is really out of balance. In the background you can see how Arnold Schwarzenegger shudders and is about to rise to help Jamie, but the actress immediately returns and continues its performance. James Cameron scene very much, he said she said nature of the heroine — an ordinary and a bit clumsy Housewives.

Titanic (1997)

In one of the best scenes in the movie where Jack was about to draw Rose, he had to ask her to lie down on the couch, but instead, rather confused DiCaprio said, "On that bed, I mean couch". Blot Leo Director James Cameron decided to leave the film, after all, the phrase and the uncertainty with which he spoke well, showed how much Jack was nervous.

Titanic (1997)

One of the most iconic phrases in film history, "I'm king of the world" really was improvised. Leonardo DiCaprio just made it up. This remark and made the scene brilliant and magazinemy.

Annie Hall (1977)

The hero of woody Allen decides for the first time in my life to try cocaine. It warned that it is expensive, he carefully opens the box, takes a little bit of powder on trial and suddenly sneezes so hard that the air hangs a white cloud. The other actors are unable to hold back the laughter. So a random sneeze made the scene funny and memorable.

The Lord of the rings: the Two towers (2002)

Remember the scene in which Viggo Mortensen gets a steel Orc helmet left next to the extinct fire, and screams of despair? Director Peter Jackson was so impressed with the game Mortensen, the way he gave the pain and worry for the fate of the two hobbits. But it turned out that the pain was quite real: the actor broke his helmet on two toes but continued to play, even more than delighted Jackson.

Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring (2001)

During the filming of the first part of the trilogy, Viggo has also proven worthy as a brave Aragorn like no other. According to the scenario the leader of the orcs was to throw the dagger into the side of Aragorn, but do not target it. However, because of the special prosthetic eye actor slightly missed, and the dagger flew straight to Mortensen. He kept his head and recaptured the guns. Such a scene it would be a sin to cut.

Usual suspects (1995)

The scene where the characters build in a line for a police lineup and asked to read one phrase that unintentionally turned into a pun. All the actors had to read the words written on a piece of paper, but someone started to mumble, someone to fool around, causing the rest to laugh. To remove a serious take does not work. Annoyed Director Bryan singer left the scene as is, with laughing actors. In the end, she became one of the most iconic in film history.

Pretty woman (1990)

One of the most famous scenes of the film — one in which Edward gives Vivian a box with an expensive necklace. As soon as the heroine Julia Roberts extends to the decoration of your finger, Richard Gere quickly shuts the box, which greatly surprised Julia, because nothing like the. The result is a wonderful double with a hearty laugh Roberts, who is Director Garry Marshall included in the film.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

Charismatic and hilarious Chris Pratt improvises and gives a lot of funny gags. But in this scene he was just clumsy and accidentally dropped a dangerous artifact, and then picked him up from the ground. The scene emphasized the nature of the character Pratt and, of course, remained in the film.

The shining (1980)

Stanley Kubrick managed to make a horror movie, each frame of which became a cult classic, and one of the most recognizable scenes is the one where the character Jack Nicholson breaks the door with an axe and opened a large enough hole, he sticks the head. At this point he says: "here's johnny!"The phrase was not in the script, Nicholson borrowed it from the host of the popular evening television shows of johnny Carson, who started this greeting aired.

The dark knight (2008)

After the Joker was locked up, he quieted down and just watched. Soon he becomes a witness to raise him caught Jim Gordon. All police applauded the new Commissioner. And then Heath Ledger, too, begins to clap, slowly, not changing his expression eerie painted faces. This was not in the script, but now there is in the Treasury of favorite scenes of any movie buff.

Star wars: Episode 5 — the Empire strikes back (1980)

All fans of the franchise "Star wars" know and love the scene where Princess Leia loves Han Solo, who is about to frozen in carbonite. According to the script in response to the words of Leah, "I love you" Han was supposed to say "I love you too" but instead Harrison Ford said "I know." This improvisation not only revealed the character of Khan, but also made the scene iconic. The rumor is that this scene retake an infinite number of times, and that is why Ford decided to say "I know" because he has so many times heard words of love from Princess Leia.

The silence of the lambs (1990)

One of the most horrible scenes of this cult Thriller is considered the first stage of the dialogue Clarice Starling with cannibal Lecter. The words from the script "I ate his liver with Fava beans and a glass of good Chianti!"Anthony Hopkins added an unexpected sound, which led jodie foster to the indescribable horror. According to the actress, she was afraid to talk to Hopkins in between filming — so convincingly he played.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Matt Damon was laughing at the story of how the wife of the hero Robin Williams farts in her sleep, so sincerely and for a long time because I didn't expect to hear it. Robin Williams came up with a joke on the go. A brilliant improvisation of the talented comedian helped two — and Damon-the Damon character and the actor to feel much more comfortable in the company of Williams. If you look closely, you can even notice a slight camera shake. Apparently, the operator barely restrained laughter.

Quote from the scene:

My wife used to fart when she was nervous. And you know what? She farted in my sleep. One night she farted so loud it woke the dog up. My wife woke up and asked: "Is that you?"I said "Yes"... decided Not to tell her the truth. Oh my God…

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