12 improvisations, which entered the history of cinema

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When creating scripts for films, the authors prefer to prescribe in detail every line and gesture of the actors. But when talent, coupled with a sense of humor and quick wit, takes precedence over the writers and Directors, appear stunning scenes with improvisation.

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Remember the scene when Richard Gere gives Julia Roberts a necklace? The actress reached for an ornament, and Richard suddenly shut the box. This gesture was not in the script, and reaction Julia.

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In the film there is a scene where Gregory Peck pretends to be the "Mouth of truth" took his hand. It was improvised by the actor, and the response Audrey Hepburn turned genuine.

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Before George Clooney liked to joke about his status inveterate bachelor, not only in life but also in his films. So, in the film "From dusk till dawn", the heroine Salma Hayek has got him down, put his foot on his chest and said that he will make him his slave. What George ad-libbed the phrase "Thanks, but I was already married."

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In one of the most famous scenes in the movie where Vito Corleone tells you to deal with the offender, he is stroking the cat. It turns out that in scenario it was not: the cat accidentally wandered on set and Marlon Brando was not taken aback and took her in his arms.

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"Here's johnny!" he said Jack Nicholson, the axe cutting through the door to the bathroom. Remember this scene from the movie "the Shining"? It turns out that the actor has borrowed the phrase from the TV show johnny Carson, who started this greeting aired.

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Those who watched the movie "die hard", of course I remember the death of the main villain in the performance of Alan Rickman: his character realizes that the plan failed, and he himself, meanwhile, flies down from the edge of the building. It turned out that the Director pushed the actor on green screen when he didn't expect — which is why the scene turned out to be so realistic.

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Another improvisation in the performance of Jack Nicholson. During scenes of conversation in a cafe with character DiCaprio is an actor unexpectedly pulled out a gun, visibly frightened by this Leo. But no wonder everyone so love DiCaprio: he could use the sudden emotions and the episode was even better than it was written in the script.

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In the movies about the terminator hero Arnold Schwarzenegger is not very talkative, and perhaps that is why the actor has decided to introduce a bit of variety in the script. So, in the 2nd part of the movie was not originally become almost iconic phrase "I need a vacation" — this was improvised by the actor, which it was decided to leave in the final version.

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If you watched this movie of Sofia Coppola, you probably remember the final scene with the main characters played by bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. According to the scenario, the heroes were just hugging, but it turned out differently: Murray whispered something in the ear of Scarlett, and then they all kissed.

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Robin Williams, thanks to a wide experience of stand-up comedian, was a real king of improvisation. In the movie "Good will hunting" he tells the character played by Matt Damon the story of how his late wife had difficulty with digestion and occasionally spoil the air, and once even woke up from these "chords".

This story about human imperfections were completely invented by Williams literally on the move. By the way, I laughed not only Damon, but also the operator: you may notice that the picture is a little shaky, but the Director still left it in the final version.

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Gary Oldman is also a big fan of improvisation, and particularly well he was able to demonstrate this skill during the filming of the movie "Leon". A conversation of the hero with the father of Matilda was improvisation — so he wanted to get nervous companion. The story about Beethoven is improvised, and every take it was a new story.

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Johnny Depp worked a lot on creating the image of Jack Sparrow and was not afraid to experiment. So, in the 2nd part of the "Pirates" dance of the Sparrow and a song about a jar with a piece of land was the improvisation of the actor. And he came up with a few favourite phrases, including "Sail to the horizon!", "Savvy?" and a bit of a rhetorical question, "And you're not a eunuch are you, buddy?".

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