She rubs "Paracetamol" in the hair. This may seem a little strange, but the result is impressive!

There are many things that can be used for different purposes other than their intended use. But have you thought ever that medical drugs can have much wider application than helping you? One of these is "Paracetamol", 500 mg — most common pill in any medicine Cabinet.

Edition "Website" will tell you how useful "Paracetamol" for your beauty. Also it is the indispensable helper for your household chores. It saves you from a headache in the literal and figurative sense.

Drug "Paracetamol"
  1. Hair care
    Take 3 tablets of "Paracetamol" and grind them into powder. Add to your shampoo. When you wash your hair, RUB the resulting shampoo into the scalp massage movements. It prevents dandruff and hair breakage. The result from the use really worthwhile.

  2. Plant care
    Of great importance in the life of plants has the simplest unsaturated hydrocarbon, ethylene. It is a plant hormone, its deficiency may lead to the death of green beauty. Substance acetaminophen, the main active component of tablets, contributes to the development of the substance and also contributes to the destruction of harmful bacteria. Just grind 3-4 tablets "Paracetamol" and add to a spray bottle with water. Regularly vpryskivat plants with the mixture, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Skin care
    Doctors have been proven that paracetamol has a soothing effect on inflamed and irritated skin, thereby helping to get rid of acne. Also, many dermatologists advise to make life-saving talker to get rid of acne at home. To do this, grind 5 tablets "Paracetamol" and mix with 150 ml of warm water. Can use point to the rash.

  4. Care of things
    Perspiration on the bright things — the most unpleasant and frequent spots. But they are not an issue, if there is "Paracetamol". Grind 2 tablets and add a few drops of warm water to make a pasty mixture. Apply it on the stain and wash the thing in a familiar way. Perfect cleanliness is guaranteed.

Who would have thought that an ordinary tablet can be a godsend. Will help in any situation. Share useful information with friends in social networks!

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