Throw an old rag and dipped in paint. The result is above all praise!

It happens that the interior of the house completely bored, and with the arrival of spring always want to change something and update. And the easiest and cheapest way to freshen up the design of your home is to paint the walls. In order to originally paint the walls, do not have to have a lot of tools and cool accessories. Enough to know a few clever tricks that will easily help to achieve amazing results!

Today the editors of "Site" will show you how simple and unusual to paint the walls in your home using scrap materials. It's just amazing!

Ideas painting walls
  1. Here is an unusual pattern you can create with an ordinary sponge. To achieve this effect, you must paint the walls and let them dry out for a few hours. Then dip the sponge into the paint of necessary colour and light hammered movements to apply a texture pattern to the surface. Walls turns out gorgeous!

  2. Such strips easily! Just need a brush with long bristles or a regular household broom. As in the previous case, it is necessary to paint the wall and let it dry, then flowing movements applied to the surface of the stripes, vertical or horizontal — you decide! By the way, experienced masters recommend to use a paint adhesive, then it will be easier to achieve the desired result.

  3. And with the help of crumpled rags, you can recreate the effect of Venetian plaster in your living room. The principle is the same as with the sponge, only the pattern on the surface is quite unusual. Great!

  4. Here's another great idea of decorative painting. Indiscriminate application of the adhesive paint will create an amazing and deep pattern that will match any interior.

  5. Stencils — simply irreplaceable thing when decorating the walls. They can be purchased in the store or make with your own hands. If the ornament will be repeated, you get an effect similar to Wallpaper. A little patience and voila — exclusive decor ready!

Sometimes, repair can turn into a real adventure. One only has to unleash the imagination and your house will sparkle with new bright colors!

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