Man and woman: how we are robbing themselves

In our oriented government, society, many women complain that can't find a strong enough man that would be able to support and strengthen their femininity. Male romantic love is between admiration and rage, and both these phenomena archetypal, in the absence of a personal relationship. He turns into a homosexual, a bisexual, alcoholic, a misogynist or a complete baby who never stops to seek the mother's breast.

In whom he would become, we should be confident in one thing: the woman is faced with his failed masculinity, which is embodied in the image of her partner.


When she leaves a partner, as many women do, her traumatized masculinity will again take poiskami in the end will find his DoppelgangeR. The unconscious woman again and again to repeat this pattern. Depleted masculinity is related not only to male but also to female, which finds its necessary and unavoidable partner.

Similarly, injured femininity men will find, if you will, the fate, the castrating woman, which was his mother. Deciding to leave his wife-witches, like many men, he again engaged in its searches, because, not having the proper work on your inner femininity, despite strong domestic protests, he will be your boy related to, and perhaps obsessed, mother's negative animus.

The horror of the whole truth is that the relationship between the sexes is determined not so much biology, as the neurosis. As the call, so the echo. Devastated fiancé is present in the man and the woman. Men to the same extent as the women, were victims of Patriarchy, which exaggerated the difference between the sexes to the extent that they could oppose each other or make one of them above or below the other. The result was a common tragedy, which it is vain to look for solutions which gender is more affected.


It is extremely important for this discussion to clarify the meaning of the word power. Not come in contact with potential opportunities, we are subject to control by others.

Not knowing ourselves, we will not be able to defend the truth, but because we are constantly exposed to the imposition of other people's opinions: both men and women.

Those who grew up in a family where the only source of beliefs of children had the power to apply that power to their own children. In fear that they may think the neighbors are in fear of the lack of common standards, fear of everything new. Parents are terrified even from the manifestation of children's creativity.

They can't love a child the way he is. They can't act as a mirror in which the child sees himself. Their task is rudely or politely encourage your child to do their bidding. The result of the children's femininity is losing faith.

In the absence of such faith is violated the male desire to enter into life, to be in the flow of new opportunities to go through life with love, developing new relationships. The child turns into a prisoner of anguish and fear, consciously and unconsciously hating the government, deprive him of his opportunities, and along with that, like the cripple, remaining dependent on this force. For Jung's power was the opposite of love. "Where love is — he wrote — there is no will to power, and dominated by the desire for power, there is no love".


Author: Marion Woodman, from the book "a Devastated fiancé. Female masculinity"

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