5 ideas to help your home become energy efficient

The idea of a healthy and environmentally friendly life has become a key thrust in our food, our transport and our houses. If you are thinking how to make the smart choice for your family and for the environment, then you are reading the right article. We have found five simple solutions-tips to help your home become more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient.


Choose ecologically efficient system

Usually many people think that eco-friendly house – it's only solar panels and independence from electric grids, but on a smaller scale, choose a shower with low water consumption and install energy-efficient appliances is also to take care of nature.

If you are worried about the cost of installing environmentally friendly devices, you should understand that this is a long-term investment in "smart" house. A recent study conducted by "Pacific Northwest national laboratory", showed that energy efficient systems can save up to 15% of the cost of utilities.

Think about the minimum needed in your homeIf a tip sounds most suitable, when it comes to eco-friendly house then this is it. Gone are the days when the house was filled with knick-knacks, and everything was a mess. Instead, interior fashion today is focused on the minimalist organization of the internal space of the house.

But minimalism should not interfere with functionality. Go through your house, look closely, what subject is needed and what is not, what function it performs, if he needs you to do. Allow yourself to leave a few decorative items, vases, pots, or sculptures that really determine the style of your home. Don't hesitate to throw away all that just occupies space and does not bear any functional load.


Don't forget about the alteration of furniture and its second lifeRe-use is a key component in eco-friendly life. Before you decide to get rid of something, think maybe this thing can be used as another piece of furniture or give away for recycling.

For some this means outweigh the curtains from one room to another, for others to make an individual project and turn an old chest into a table. Whatever decision you choose, don't be afraid to give things a new life.

Use natural materialsWhen you need to buy something for your home or to make repairs, look for natural materials. It can be furniture made of solid wood, stone table tops or wooden floors.

Natural materials is an ideal choice for a number of reasons. They are popular not only because sustainability is a major trend in interiors, but also because products made of natural materials ideally suited to any interior. If you bought furniture in a small workshop or even second hand, it may even be the best investment. Quality at a reasonable cost, and not mass production.

Bring a little nature inside, And finally, it is difficult to talk about sustainability and energy efficiency at home, if we hadn't tried to let nature into our homes, when we can do it. Should try to find any ways to incorporate natural elements in our interiors, and also add more open space. Think about the big Windows so that in the house penetrated as much as possible natural light or install large sliding doors. The little details – the flowers and the organization of a patio in front of the house – also excellent choices.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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