It took her cans and old magazines... It's the most beautiful decor I've seen!

Banks is the most versatile piece. They can store products of different things, to take soup to work, at worst, to use instead of a vase. So why not make them more attractive and multi-functional?

It is very easy to do with the help of decoupage technique. The editors of "Site" has prepared for you a selection of the 15 amazing ideas for inspiration. Your banks are not just containers, but will be a real work of art.

Decoupage jars
  1. These striking banks will always create a good spring mood.

  2. Such tenderness... it's a shame to use for its intended purpose.

  3. What a beauty! You can safely use instead of gift boxes.

  4. You can decorate only the part of banks. See what is inside, but still beautiful.

  5. Decor beads adds a special flair.

  6. Never mix up the contents.

  7. The excellent option to jam.

  8. Was banks from cucumbers, but it turned out cute vases.

  9. Keep your happiness and desires.

  10. Black-and-white classics.

  11. For true lovers of cooking.

  12. With such sad chickens in the kitchen will not.

  13. A very good idea.

  14. Perfect for those who always confuses the spices.

  15. Minty fresh...

Decoupage technique gives you the opportunity at a minimum cost of time and effort to do amazing things. These jars will fit perfectly into any interior. In addition, keep a variety of items and products in these beauties is much nicer.

Try to make one such Bank, and you won't be able to stop! Share ideas with friends.

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