That's why Jewish mothers praise their children! Method of carrot and stick in the past.

It would seem that this cult of children as the Jewish people, not found in any other culture. Jewish principles of upbringing is filled with love for little daze, because the main commandment here is to love and cherish your child. This training is very demanding on parents because they should be the primary example for their children.

Edition "Website" offers to understand the secret of Jewish education and why Jewish kids are more genius than others.

Jewish children
  1. My child, there can be drawbacks
    Jewish mother would never say to his son that he is bad. She will wonder why such a good and clever boy did so stupid! Because in any case it is impossible to create children complexes. It is likely that a Jewish mother can see the flaws in your offspring. But why would anyone know about it?
  2. Always praise your child
    Jewish parents admire even the most trivial accomplishments of their child, whether the first sound or the first clumsy note on the piano. The child must see that his praise in the presence of friends and acquaintances. Well, if the child's achievements very significant, no applause just will not do! In such circumstances, the little man gets the understanding that he is loved and appreciated, and in the future he will try to meet the high bar that is set before him.

  3. Reasonable freedom and stiffness requirements
    Jewish education — this is a spacious room, with hard walls. Don't act like the terrible judge, do not shout, do not reproach, do not straighten out. Do this only if the child will go beyond the limits. After all, to pour out my mother's French perfume in the toilet is not a crime, but hitting the grandmother in any case!
  4. Parents are the example to follow
    Children are sensitive creatures, they absorb information around them. The child blindly imitate all words, gestures and facial expressions of their parents. If you don't want in ten years to see a copy of their negative traits, try to show your child only positive. The Jews believe that every word thoughtless word or act in front of child, can have negative consequences.

  5. Love and respect in the family
    If the child will know that the attitude of parents is imbued with love and mutual respect, care about each other and about the child, he will feel secure and happy. Having learned this, in the future, the child will create in your family the same atmosphere of love and kindness.

  6. Independence from an early age
    It is necessary to teach a child the child, to constantly be busy — that's fine. School, cello, French — Jewish kids no time to be lazy and carefree hanging out with friends in the yards in search of adventure. To teach the child to rely only on themselves, because one day he will have to do without parents. Teach a child to keep track of time, because being late to school is his concern only. Seek to raise a child independent person.

  7. Being a parent is a real profession
    Where to send your forces out and get. If we consider family life as a burden, to create a happy family and raise a good child does not work. Here's the first and most important principle of education — the acquisition of a profession "wife and mother". By the way, with the Jewish system of education can be found in special courses for parents. Such courses have in the synagogues around the world.

Share these simple truths with your friends, because these principles of education should be known by each responsible parent!

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