Important! What you need to know if you suddenly began to fall rapidly hair

Causes that trigger hair loss According to the surveys, it turns out, the fear of bald men prevails over all other fears. Psychologists explain this by the fact that for men this is equivalent to the loss of attractiveness in women's eyes.

Any reason, whatever it was, trigger hair loss only after 3 months. The fact that the phase separation of the hair from the nipple to his hair loss is 90 days. And further: the same 90 days required of the newly born hair to lift at the hair follicle.

And if you suddenly began to fall rapidly hair, looking for a cause that took place 3 months ago.

What can trigger hair loss? Let's walk through the causal circle.

Permanent long or short-term stressful situations can trigger massive hair loss. Which in this case can recommend treatment? Don't be nervous!

Another factor: the food. To baldness can lead to deficiency of micronutrients, such as selenium, manganese, iron, zinc, etc., Add these elements to your diet.

Eliminate from your diet medicines. Often receiving anticancer drugs provokes hair loss.

The lack of water or poor quality water is the next cause problems with hair. People stopped to drink water. This is a serious problem. Use instead of water or tea with coffee or toxic drinks (Pepsi-Cola, sprite, Fanta, agile, beer, the so-called "juice", etc.). Adjust water-drinking regime, drinking a day, depending on the quality of food eaten, from 1.0 to 2.0 liters of water.

The presence of parasites in the human body are a major cause of hair problems. Parallel world lives next door and lives in us. The presence of the parasitic fungal flora negatively affects the state of the body, including hair. Fungal occupation of the human body is quietly but surely. The entire population of the former Soviet Union populated by a huge variety of fungus. And this process of genocide continues with the tacit consent of the government and Ministry of health. The population continues to meekly buy sourdough bread, sour-milk products, beer (to accelerate the process of industrial fermentation, thermophilic yeast are added). Stop using products in the thermophilic yeast, do not eat spoiled bananas and other fruits with the fungus, systematically spend several anti-parasitic programs.

Bad habits, such as walking in freezing weather without a hat or with wet hair, regularly conducted by perms, hair coloring low-quality paints, using Hairdryer are risk factors. Analyze which of these bad habits you could break up.

All of us is devastating the environment! Particularly affected are the hair and the scalp from acid rain, atmospheric heavy metal salts. One of the negative factors can be work related exposure or humiriaceae.

There remain the following factors: heredity, trauma, time, weak bio-energy, lifestyle and relationship of all the above reasons. Individually and in the aggregate of any of the reasons mentioned above can trigger baldness.

In the world there is no magic elixir for baldness. You will have to eliminate the influence of all causal groups.

Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, restoration of water-drinking regimen, quitting bad habits will greatly increase your chances in the fight against baldness. published


Author: Olga Butakova

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