Athos is a place where people don't get cancer! Secrets of the monks of the centenarians...

Athos monks don't get cancer. No, not so: Athos monks do not get sick and never sick with cancer! This is evidenced by the results of studies of the remains, the age of which varies in the range of several millennia. Moreover, now the average age of the Athonite monk is 94 years old!

This is an amazing fact that the inhabitants of the sacred mountain explain: to stay healthy, to maintain good physical and mental shape helps them on a special diet.

Prevention nakalista unhealthy fats food is an excellent prevention of all tumors. The monks don't eat meat, but their diet is a variety of fish and cheeses (goat, sheep, cow). Very important is the fact that a large part of his time, the monks devote physical labor in the fresh air, vegetables and fruits.

Also the monks have a number of rules, without respect for which is found on any one day.

  1. Avoid stressful situations, vanity, vain worries and anger. Purify your soul, and then she will become your best physical healer.
  2. Try to spend more time outdoors: don't miss the chance to go to the forest, the country or the city.
  3. Gradually give up the use of preservatives, fats, meat and food processing complex.
  4. Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to observe strict fast. Use to eat only raw foods: fruits and vegetables.
  5. Tell a few hours a day playing sports or physical labor.
  6. Try to restore order in his private life, reducing the number of sexual acts up to 3-4 per month.
  7. Give up unhealthy habits such as Smoking and alcohol consumption.

How do you feel about the philosophy of life of the Athonite monks? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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