This natural remedy strengthens blood vessels, protects the liver and kidneys

The main value of pine pollen increased concentration of digestible amino acidsit needs on a regular basis. They are involved in the synthesis of enzymes involved in the General regulation, blood cells and proteins.

She pollen is a gamete (male sex cells) pine, contains necessary for the full development of the fetus micronutrients.

Pollen Matures in strobili growing on the ends of lateral shoots.

To distinguish strobila from the "female" cones are easy — on their scales located the bags of pollen. Raw materials harvested in mid-may, when strobili on trees turn yellow and produce pollen. It is collected by shaking the cones over paper, then dried and sieved.

Used for the preparation of drugs pollen should be free of scales, insects, small debris.

Research conducted at the technical University of Munich has proved the benefits of pine pollen as a natural antioxidant. Its antioxidant properties are 20 times higher than vitamin C.

The benefit to the organism confirms the very nature of the people living in the area where the pine grows, are suffering from respiratory diseases is much less common urban residents.

The active substances of pollen are able to block the receptors, irritation of which causes sharp muscle spasms of the muscles, causing an exhausting cough in asthma.

Macroelemental composition of the gametes of the pine variety. It contains everything necessary for regulation of metabolic processes and strengthen the immune system, it contains more than 30 compounds necessary for essential biochemical reactions.

Vitamins pollen contains a large number of Riboflavin (B1) and cholecalciferol (D3) involved in vital processes.

In terms of improving immunity extract from the gametes of the pine is much more effective than most dietary Supplements, because micro - and macronutrients in the composition of the natural products are always absorbed better.

The healing properties of pollen in the treatment of various diseases was well known to our ancestors.

Even before the discovery of antibiotics it was cured severe colds with complications, pneumonia and even tuberculosis. Best pulmonary sanatorium of the USSR was located in the pine forests.

The main therapeutic properties of pollen include:

  • improvement of tissue respiration;
  • reducing the number of free radicals;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels and capillaries;
  • restoration of the natural intestinal microflora.
  • the increase in hemoglobin levels;
  • the excretion of excess cholesterol.
Strengthening effect of pollen due to a decrease in lipofuscin pigment formed in the body under the influence of free radicals.


Lipofuscin causes deposition of fats on the walls of blood vessels, reduces their permeability and, consequently, deterioration of the power of the internal organs.


The amino acids contained in the pollen, stimulate the production of the enzyme superoxide dismutase — a natural scavenger of free radicals.

They also accelerate the body's production of nucleic acids, responsible for the preservation of the tonus of the internal organs.

Biologics pine pollen is effective in the treatment of anemia. Their main purpose is stabilization of hemopoiesis (hematopoiesis).

The substances present in pollen, strengthens the capillaries of the optic body and increase visual acuity.

Herbal and traditional medicines containing pine pollen is effective against inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and liver:

  • cholecystitis,
  • pyelonephritis,
  • cystitis (treatment with herbs) etc.

Improvement of gastrointestinal tract and liver

In pine pollen contains enzymes that stimulate natural vermiform movement of the intestine. Means on the basis of pine pollen help to deal with constipation different etiology:

  • nutritional, due to taking heavy, indigestible food;
  • neurogenic, caused by a poor regulation of the motility of the large intestine;
  • geodinamicheskie resulting from low physical activity.
Amino acids in the pollen composition of biliary help to normalize liver function, allowing trapped in the body toxins are neutralized quickly.


Studies have proven that the volatile pine — efficient natural hepatoprotectors (substances that provide protection of parenchymal liver cells from free radicals).


Tincture pine pollen helps to speed up the liver to filter alcohol decomposition products. If taken in small quantities after a meal, the hangover will be light and not burdened with the bonus of vomiting.

Antitumor effect

Herbal that contains pine pollen, often prescribed are appointed as adjuvant in chemo - and radiotherapy.

Drugs used in chemotherapy along with cancer cells and kill a significant part of a healthy.Amino acids and enzymes present in the gametes of pine, help to accelerate the formation of new healthy cells. Sufficient supply of amino acids, slows down the processes of free radical oxidation, preventing the mutation of healthy cells into cancer cells.


Syrup asthma


For making effective and pleasant to the taste of the drug take 0.5 kg of anthers (cones, growing in "male" trees) and steamed syrup 0.5 kg of sugar and the same amount of water. Please note, it is steamed and not boiled, as when bringing to a temperature above 90°C part flavonoids disappears. After 5-6 hours the cooled syrup otzivite and put in a dark place. Through the day there will be a residue that is removed (the syrup is poured into another container, and the precipitate discarded). For asthma remedy take a tablespoon 30 minutes before eating. After 3 weeks, the treatment gives the result: attacks are negated and can do without the inhaler.

Pollen with honey for bronchitis

Honey by itself is considered an effective remedy for infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the respiratory tract, and in combination with pollen its strength increases significantly.

The drug is prepared simply:

1 tbsp (heaped) of pine pollen mixed with 1 liter of liquid honey. Suitable stranded (candied) honey, warmed in a water bath at a temperature not above 40 degrees. Taking medicine tablespoon half an hour before meals, three times a day. After a week the main symptoms of bronchitis will cease to bother you. The article is written to provide the reader with General information about the benefits and harms of pine pollen.published


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