From what we have allergies

Those who are allergic to pollen can see worst enemy in the face,
These plants, which do not allow you to live in peace. Swiss scientist Martin Oeggerli
using a scanning electron microscope to take pictures of pollen grains in his basement.

Pollen grains on the geranium forest

Pollen willow stuck between the petals of a flower

Pollen grains in all its splendor shapes and sizes. A large object in the center - pumpkin pollen, tiny object just below and to the right of it - forget-me-pollen

Gray granules - pollen grains from Viburnum tinus. One of them began to turn into a tube that goes into the ovary ovule. Yellow beads - pollen from other plant species

Birch pollen. Birch pollen falls into the period between March and May, so in April allergies unlucky most


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