10 little-known facts about the human body (10 photos)

Of all the natural feelings to us, of course, the closest sense of our own body. However, the features of the human body are still not fully understood, and we are waiting for many more wonderful and eerie discovery. We'll tell you about the 10 most incredible and least known features of our body.

1. Allergy as a cancer prevention

reactions caused by allergens spreads through the air - one of the most unpleasant (eg, hay fever). If the products that cause allergies can not eat, and many chemical effects can be reduced, then avoid contact with plants, pylyu, pollen is extremely difficult.

However, oddly enough, there are allergies in a plus. It turns out that transferring allergens in the air somehow affect the immune system and allergies and the risk of cancers Allergy reduced. Preliminary research has shown that due to the effect of stimulating the immune system similar to vaccination, including allergies is much less cancer patients.

2. Syphilis is transmitted through kissing

Sexually transmitted infections by - the scourge of modern society, due to behavioral and socio-economic factors, as well as the lack of medical knowledge.

Syphilis - a disfiguring and eventually often fatal disease, which is one of the most serious venereal problems. It is believed that syphilis appeared in ancient times from contact with animals and unprotected sex, sexually transmitted.

However, as it turned out, this disease can be transmitted to and through a simple kiss. Infection caused by the spirochete bacteria, shown in the form of wounds in the oral cavity, as well as the hands and face. The first signs of infection - small ulcers in the mouth. If an infected person kisses another man, in some cases, the infection can occur.

3. Feeling and co-sensations

People often believe in the possibility of a sixth sense. However, in reality, a person has a much larger number of different feelings than 5 universally accepted. Vision - is actually a combination of a sense of light and sense of color. There is evidence that people, like birds, can detect magnetic fields. People also have the ability to sensations of the body, known in science called proprioception.

A variety of human perception as expressed in the synesthesia or co-sensations, when the sounds associated with certain colors or some colors relate to the literary descriptions. A person's feelings surprisingly subjective and confused, because the brain simultaneously perceives and interprets the raw data collected from all the sensory systems of the body.

4. Allergy to work there

Blaming someone else in 'allergy to work' often sounds like the banter of a lazy person. But for people with anaphylaxis caused by daily stresses, allergic to work is not a joke. It is a violation and the truth can lead to disability, and in the worst case, even life-threatening.

The tension on the job, some people are covered by the hives, but with food intake is often made worse. The exact cause of this reaction is unknown, but a similar allergy-called cholinergic urticaria occurs when exposed to high temperatures.

Doctors suggest that the substances produced by the body during stress

and modifying the metabolism associated with the nervous operation to cause an anaphylactic reaction. In theory, no treatment such complications can be deadly.

5. Different eye color and size of mammary glands


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