The sole of the flip flops and cushy threads: tied unique, very comfortable shoes!

Flip flops and a thick, warm threads — everything you need to create these wonderful boots! Of course, you need to have the crochet skills. After seeing this idea, I was eager to learn this skill even though I'm not so good with crafts. But knitted his hands the shoes looks amazing!

In the summer we wrote about the wonderful blue Slippers-moccasins, made in a similar way. Today — a warm and cozy winter!

How to make shoes for his rugamite need
  • 2 skeins wool yarn
  • rubber flip flops
  • hook
  • Shyla
  • 3 buttons
  • scissors

Of course, in the cold in these boots will not work, even walk around a private home. Rather, it is a home version for the winter! But in spring and autumn it is possible to go outside the footwear looks amazing.

Stylish and affordable knitted boots! Here is where we start: the following will be more detailed instructions. If you already know how to handle hook, you should save yourself the manual for the future. I think it's a great gift idea!

  1. First you need to cut unnecessary detail flip flops, we will only work with the sole.

  2. Make a marking, the holes are evenly spaced around the perimeter of the sole.

  3. It remains only to tie the crochet sole! Below is a video which demonstrated the process. In the end will only have to attach the buttons, and the original shoes are ready!

Well, how can you not want to associate such beauty? I hope the videos will help you create a unique thing, because these shoes will not be anybody else.

What a tempting idea! Why not connect these Slippers to a child? Share with friends is an amazing example of how the old flip flops can turn into a wonderful knitted shoes. Praise the Golden hands that can do everything...

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