Knitting - Yoga for your brain. Explanation neurologist was totally unexpected ...

Loop, loop and another loop ... rhythmic pace of knitting does its thing: during this exciting experience if a person falls into a trance. Hands busy, his head is free from unnecessary thoughts, the mind is in a stable state of equilibrium. Knitting - contemplative practice of meditation and concentration, business, without which it can not imagine their lives, millions of women around the world. Neurology recognized knitting a new yoga - so much it affects the interests of their fans. Yoga for the brain ... It sounds very impressive!

Studies show that knitting, as well as sewing, weaving and embroidery, develop care and have a lot to do with meditation. During meditation and classes in needlework become active the same areas of the brain. Positive effects of meditation on health and mental abilities proven time and again, but knitting had not given sufficient attention. During the online survey, which involved more than 4,000 knitters from around the world, we found that the state of happiness often occurs during knitting. Relaxation, stress, self-realization are made available to people involved in crafts.

If you vyazhesh 3 or more than 3 times a week, your anxiety level is significantly reduced. That is why in ancient times all women were accepted to teach needlework: it is incredibly soothing emotional sphere and provides a welcome sense of balance. Start knitting, you will feel positive changes in different areas of life.

1. To improve the mental state, the decision of psychological problems will take less of your mental resources.

2. Mindfulness and concentration will be your constant companions.

3. Development of fine motor skills will give you the ability to do complex domestic affairs, to whom you used to throw up their hands.

4. Creativity will develop and delight you with unexpected manifestations.

5. Self-esteem will reach a new level - a sense of pride for the beautiful work done and confidence you will feel its importance.

6. A simple way to develop patience and perseverance - knitting. Nothing will bring you out of balance!

7. The memory will be much better, and the brain will work much faster.

Full absorption, which gives knitting, do not compare with that offered by other interests. Clarity of mind and purity of knitters are striking, many scientists believe that knitting helps women in old age to remain sane and live longer. Depression and anxiety can be overcome with the help of knitting, in difficult times, this hobby will escape from the turmoil ... You still do not vyazhesh? Hurry to improve the quality of their lives and tell your friends about it!

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