I am deeply convinced that the nature of man inherent in it from birth almost completely with age does not change.

That is apparently changes a lot, but they are opportunistic, like cosmetics or developed defense mechanisms, but not fundamentally changing anything.

The child is still nothing of this, life hard-won, no — one can observe the pure nature, without additives, and I was infinitely touched by the idea that it will always be just he will learn to hide or disguise.

For example:

All of my children at the time, just not for him, threw themselves on the floor (or asphalt) and fought there in convulsions. And that really hurt. Well, with all the force of the head against the asphalt, in the heat of passion. Adult would hurt, and the children — well, small. But it hurts all the same. So. Every one of them — who think, who longer, but each eventually threw to the ground a little more slowly, slyly holding the head on weight, then gently lowered, and then followed cramps as real. I think this is the best illustration of how people adapt to life. The head then gently put it down, right? And then you have to fight in hysterics.

Or here's a good example of resentment.

So it will react my children, when they are in adult life will refuse to work, in Dating, in meeting, in the interest or request. Although outwardly they learn to say "thank you for Your time, have a nice day" or "of course, I understand, see you next time" (never).

So here's the character:

Adam, when offended, goes away in some corner, and from there, pulled the eyebrow to the chin broadcasts: Tu-PA-ya mom! I hate that stupid mom! TU-PA-I'm a mom!!

Consolation or reconciliation does not take until you go yourself. Substitution Adam is fast and for unknown reasons. In a short time from the corner out of some other, radiant, and purified man, terribly joyful and loving. As a rule, from the rush of feelings, he knocks someone over or breaks the nose the blood kiss.

Liran mad crying. Bitterly and inescapably. Consolation shall immediately, moving away quickly forgets completely.

©Kirill Lemokh

Alesha mad happy hell. It's hard to describe, but he did not let up unless things are starting to go crazy out of sheer desperation. All fighting for half a day-day. In the house of a nuclear Holocaust. No one who is not talking. Eat separately. All this time Alesha takes revenge on others for the offense by means of self-torture. For example, in 50 degree heat off the air conditioner, do not drink and slid under the covers. Consolation and reconciliation are impossible because "any attempt at contact will be used against you." But after half-day. He is hungry, thirsty and idleness. He comes to figure out how to stop the suffering:

— what should I do to get my life back?

— you mean your computer?

— Yes!

— you've got to get my life back.

— drink water, eat, tell me the hell what you did.

Drank, ate.

— what do you want me to explain?! how do I return the computer?!

— fall and beg forgiveness for arranged mess

— horoshoooooo... you don't know whom to contact.

Out. Scary.

Returns. Falls on the floor. Pulls out a sword, a stale Adam, puts my abdomen red plasticine sausages. Watering this thing on top of the ketchup. Wheezing:

Here's my sincere and deep apologies. Happy? Now I die like an idiot Indian.

the idiot-Japanese. Samurai are Japanese.

aaaaaaa hrrrr, sgfff, E. Died.

— cool. Come here, samurai.

Jumps. Plasticine guts scattered on the floor.

how am I doing?! good idea?! I laughed! But, isn't it? Well, cool? how I came up with?!

Yes, hilarious. Alyosha helps to get out of his stupor only laughter.While he is unable to aborati the situation, it is their drama veiled the whole world, and no reconciliation is impossible, the right words don't exist, because the drama is immense. In me son.published


Author: Svetlana Dorosheva

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! © econe



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