Get rid of the illusion that you can change other people

The Golden rules of Dr. Joyce brothers hereall recommendations of the doctor to his admirers. Sit back, read carefully (more than once), and carefully ponder.

1.Never shift to other shoulders the responsibility for what happens in your life.

I understand that the temptation is great, but pity themselves. Only in the moment when you internally accept this decision —"I am the author of their failures and the Creator of their success," you will gain strength.

2. Accept the fact that the past cannot be changed, it ended.

We can control only our future that depends on what we do now, in every this specific minute. Don't expect the future you smile — make sure it couldn't you don't smile.

3. Get rid of the illusion that you can change other people.Subconsciously we all suffer from this naive mistake, and as a result suffer in the truest sense of the word. People circumstances change only, everything else is just a deception of perception. Allow them to be different, and at some point you even begin to get pleasure from it.

4. We need another strong.

Weak, tired, suffering, miserable — we are not wanted. If they pretend that things are otherwise, just mislead. Do not give in! Agree with the absoluteness of this rule, exhale, shake it out and you'll know what to not get upset because of that.

5. All our actions will have certain consequences.

And, in fact, we always choose not what we will do, and what will be the result of our actions. So before you do something stupid, think carefully about its consequences, and then stupid things in your life will be much less.

6. Don't live as if you'll live forever.

Each of us will die. This is inevitable and a fact. It is possible to suffer and suffer, and it is possible to make an effort and leave this topic once and for all.Don't live as if you'll live forever. And live as if you die tomorrow. Understand both statements, and you will find your own recipe for a happy life.

7. Do what you internally think is important.If you have wondered about the meaning of life, it's probably just depression. Important are not the specific "meaning of life" and a sense that you are living intelligently. Do what you internally think is important. Don't forget to do that. And do not pursue success. If you just do what you feel is important, success will catch up with you himself.

8. Never waste your time and energy on those who care about you, or — even worse — those who do not love you.

In this world many people live life in joy. Just don't need to be closed and suspicious. Believe me, being open and kind, you have nothing to lose.published




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