Simplifying life, 10 great tips

These ten tips will help you to simplify your life and reduce the impact of obstacles that stand between you and your dream. Turn them into your life and see if they can help you feel better. Just try it and see if that changes!

1. Clear your mind - if you feel the congestion and stress, you have to free your mind from your list of internal affairs and other emotional baggage. Let go of all thoughts of what you need to do that you have not done, and all the feelings that come from this. Your goal is to clear his head. Release it to start planning and taking action with greater clarity and less negativity.

2. Get rid of the influence of vampires - Get rid of those relationships that suck the energy out of you. If this is your family, meetings that you can not avoid, you take measures to limit the time you spend with them.

Be honest in the assessment. Who helps you, and who pulls down? Who eats up your time and gives nothing in return? Who makes you feel good, support you, and who keeps you on your toes? Anyone who adds value to your life let it remain, others - let them go.

3. Listen to your heart - Letting the past and long-standing relationship, you can get rid of the emotional baggage that burdens your heart and spirit. Forgive and forget. Release. Mentally, talk to someone from the past, or write a letter, which you have never posted, so you simplify to get rid of his influence. You can not move forward if you are stuck in the past. Think about why you continue to deprive yourself of the future by living in the past? The past is gone, you need to build your future!

4. Clean the house - great thing to simplify life you can do, tidying your physical space. Start with a small area, such as - the kitchen table or your own table, and immediately place the order there. Focus your energy on one area, do not worry about the mess in the garage or bedroom closet.

If necessary, make a small reminder that can encourage you to protect your home from future clutter. It is important to develop a system or organization to take measures to prevent the confusion that comes into your home. You can contact the company and ask them to remove you from the mailing list. The procedure should be in everything. Remember, the order of appearance becomes a reflection of the internal order, and vice versa.

5. improve your body - Getting rid of clutter in your home, pay attention to yourself. In your diet and habits, eliminate unwanted moments. Along with limiting caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and tobacco products you must learn proper nutrition and get rid of anything that does harm to your health.

In addition, it would be nice to update the look. You still strizhёtes as once in the eighties or wear the clothes bought five - ten years ago? It's time for an update!

6. Get rid of Debt - Stop impulsive purchases and start to pay off your credit card. Set a budget and start living within our means. Imagine you how much free time do you get when you stop worrying too much about money? No more wasting time on the design of loans and repayment of debts. No more phone calls from creditors and lawyers. You will no longer feel guilty and will gain more freedom.

7. Simplify your language - Speak honestly and directly with courtesy and kindness. Do not use the "whining" and apologetic language, asking for what you want. Stop use of jargon and slang. Eliminate euphemisms and get rid of denials.

Stop use swear words, hostile comments. Get rid of the idea that you need to express your opinion about everything. Leave your opinion about the other on the sidelines.

8. Learn to say no - it was one of the first words that you once knew. So why are you so hard to use it now? Start using it on your own. It's your life, your time, your resources, and you have every right to use them the way you want yourself. Stop feeling that you have to explain or make excuses to justify your "no».

9. Limit the tradition - the tradition of fine, until they begin to run your life. If the tradition has lost its meaning and purpose, it becomes a devourer of time, get rid of this tradition. When someone says, "But we have always done so," find out why. If it no longer makes sense, do not hesitate give up this tradition or change it.

10. Free time for yourself - time is precious to most of us. Decide that you will set aside time just for yourself continually. Start with fifteen minutes a day, if that's all you can find for yourself. Close the door, turn off the phone, get rid of anything that might distract you. It is important to create a space where you can focus only on himself. Meditate, write a diary or eat an apple, anything for you. Anything you want to do with my personal time, please.


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