15 funny animals caught in a terribly uncomfortable situation


Noticed that sometimes Pets do very strange things? Then climb somewhere where I can't get out, then pulled a facial expression that don't know: to laugh or to cry. The website found for the reader's funniest animals, which was in an awkward situation!

I think this mouse represents Tom cruise in "Mission impossible" 19e74872bd.jpg

Photo source: Boredpanda.composto is like grass, not my fault! 32ff87597f.gif

You will not understand that the seal etched in the glass... b3270d6fc0.jpg

And this goose — optimist! a955fc21dc.jpg

"Never give up, rose, never give up!" 900f60d77a.jpg

Ferret was captured to the dressing-sleeve fdc76c7829.jpg

This manatee too fond of the salad 188e2c6c25.jpg

Okay, I'm outta here! 3f05192c68.gif

Bad dog! c1a50b0420.jpg

The crocodile is a cannibal 5d17a0b25a.jpg

"All because someone eats too much!" 2af5d1f216.jpg

What kind of ball? I do not see any ball e7fd139fa6.jpg

Clumsy baby deer on ice ac7af9f09b.jpg

And in the category "Best hair" winner... a258517740.jpg

That's why pandas are an endangered species d4c0123efa.jpg

via www.boredpanda.com/funny-animal-fails/


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