Letter to Avtovaz

Who is your chief designer of AvtoVAZ? I would like to see it for fear you uvolili.Chto rivet? Ten, Kalina ... Can not you see global trends? Is it really necessary to stamp this ugliness, because it is taking? Make at least one car, but that was not ashamed ezdit.Sravnite 2112 and the Opel Vectra, the 89.Est difference? In-in, Opel 20 years and it looks trendy, and yours? I am ashamed to be byt.Zakonchilos time when it was necessary "to carry out the plan" .Now large number of people when buying a new car go into the cabin of the foreign producers, because for the same !!! Money can buy a car and design, and build quality and resource is 10 times better! You will live to see that soon your concepts, designed apparently with a hangover, no one will pokupat.Stydno, comrades, stydno.Za to shame. & Quot;

Came the following reply:

"Good afternoon!!! Thank you for your concern, but taste like the color of Gauvreau ... Every year more than 700 000 people become owners of our production car and you think that you have a taste of sophistication esteticheskim than these people? For me as a trash Opel Vectra Designer compared with LADA KALINA but I do not shout about it on every corner, because I respect the choice of the owners of those in vehicles. »
Alexander Yesayan
Department on work with consumer complaints. Head Office.


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